Zac Gordon- How to Build a WordPress Theme

The WordPress content management system powers a significant percentage of popular web sites on the web. It can be used to create anything from simple blogs and brochure web sites, complex web sites like social networking sites or e-commerce web sites.

In this project we will learn how to build a custom portfolio website starting from an HTML prototype. You will need to know basic HTML and CSS and some PHP is recommended. You should also know the content in the How to Build a WordPress Blog project.

Content Strategy with WordPress
Content is at the core of any web site. Whether photos on a photography site, text on a blog or example projects on a portfolio site, we always want to build around our content. In this video we will cover how to audit and gather content, identify post types and custom fields, and setup the admin area for adding and editing content.
Project Overview
A Content First Approach
Installing and Setting Up WordPress Locally
Setting Up WordPress Locally
Default WordPress Content Types
Default WordPress Content Types
Custom Post Types and Fields
Adding Custom Content to the Site
Custom Post Types and Fields
Extra Credit
Install a local copy of WordPress to start building a portfolio site showcasing your own work
Create a sitemap and identify custom posts and fields you’ll need
Install Custom Post Types UI and ACF and create the custom post types for your site
Gather, optimize and add your work to WordPress

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