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Setting up a new WordPress site is easy, right?
It takes very little time, right?
Not if you want to make your site “Google Ready”.
There are certain time-consuming tasks that MUST be done.
And this can take hours to do (if you’re new to setting up WordPress sites).
And even if you’re a pro at WordPress, it can still take around 30 minutes to complete all these mundane (yet, necessary) tasks.
And if you have dozens and dozens of sites…
…Or you love buying new domain names…
The time spent in a boring WordPress dashboard can really add up.
Finally there’s an easier way.
A much better way.
Now these mundane tasks can be done in ONE CLICK using this powerful new software.

Name Product: WP FreshStart 2.0 – Unlimited Personal License – PURCHASED [+ OTOs]
Market price: $37
Author: Ankur Shukla + Simplespencer 
Size: 538 MB

WpFreshstart_v2_Businessguidedl.com_.rar – 195.0 MB
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