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You can have the best product or service in the world, but if nobody knows about it, then it’s USELESS! In this video training series, I teach you 7 Ninja Traffic Power methods of generating visitors to your website (or any website) for free so other people can see your offer.

Method 1 – Tap Into Your Competitors’ Best Sources Of Traffic For FREE ($31 Value)
In method 1, I’m going to show you how to steal ETHICALLY from other high traffic blogs in your marketplace. As if this is not “cunning” enough, I’ll even show you how these blogs are going to THANK YOU for stealing their traffic.
Method 1 is all about an exodus from your competitors’ blogs to your website.
Warning: Expect a visitor surge! (if you do it the right way)

Method 2 – The Right BAIT For A Traffic Flood ($31 Value)
In method 2, still to do with blogs, you’ll learn how to CONVINCINGLY persuade other blogs in your niche link to your blog, simply by using the power of content BAIT.
(… you do, however, need to have GOOD content though, not just some lame PLR articles)
This is definitely NOT black hat, and in fact 100% white hat and legal and ethical.
Ohhh and did I mention it’s long lasting as well…

Method 3 – How To Drop Comments That STEAL Attention ($31 Value)
You’re probably already familiar with method 3 (blog commenting), except that you’re probably doing it the WRONG way.
Let me teach you the RIGHT way to EFFECTIVELY drop comments on other related blogs so that you receive a percentage of their visitors.
And did you also know there are 2 primary reasons for doing blog commenting? Don’t worry I’m going to explain what they are in this training module.
You’ll also discover an IMPORTANT metric that you need to look out for before dropping your comments. If you disobey this rule, your comments will be useless!

Method 4 – How To Sell In Forums Without Looking Like You’re Actually Selling ($31 Value)
In method 4, you’re going to learn how to do forum marketing correctly.
You don’t just go out there to every forum and post your sales pitch. Doing this will guarantee that you get banned from the forum.
Instead, use my “4 factors checklist” when choosing a GREAT forum to leave your forum comments on.
After you’ve found a forum to leave your comments on, the next step is, of course, to leave your forum comments. I show you my “4 Steps To LETHAL Forum Marketing” that is bound to increase your brand and exposure throughout the forum.

Method 5 – Funneling Real Visitors From Article Directories ($31 Value)
Method 5 is article marketing – BUT this is not the typical article marketing advice you see and hear everywhere.
In this training module, you’ll learn the 2 benefits of article marketing, as well as how to do the right keyword resarch for your article marketing campaign.
Keep in mind that doing keyword research for article marketing is DIFFERENT from doing keyword research for your main website or blog.
I’m also going to show you how to write an effective article title and ENTICING author resource box so that readers want to click on your link to go to your website.

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