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“How to Easily Create and Fill Group

Programs so you can Expand Your
Reach with more Freedom and Profits”
Keep reading to discover the proven, hype-free way to attract online sales 24-7…
Dear Friend,
I knew I’d escaped the dollars-for-hours cycle when I enjoyed 3 weeks of vacation in July and still made $100,000 – just in that month.
I used to worry that making a lot of money in my business and serving more clients would mean working so hard I’d get burned out and have no life balance.
But that’s not the case at all!
My leveraged business allows me to reach more people with group programs, and my online marketing attracts paying clients 24 hours a day, even when I’m not working.
I take 4 vacations every year, and I have plenty of free time to enjoy hot springs, surfing, belly dance, yoga, hiking, playing with my dog Lily, hanging out with friends and reading great books!
The best part is — I’m more deeply fulfilled because my programs are empowering 1,000’s of entrepreneurs all over the world. My message is helping more people lead happier, higher quality lives, and I want that for you too.
“Yes, this is totally possible for you too…”
If you could wave a magic wand and create your ideal business and lifestyle, what would it look like? Here are some ideas.
(It’s okay – indulge in the possibilities even if they seem wild!)
  • A lucrative online business that brings in over 6-figures every year – or more
  • A thriving leveraged business with group programs and information products
  • Plenty of free time and money to travel, sing, dance, make art, and play – whatever you want!
  • A flexible lifestyle that gives you more quality time with your family and friends
  • Abundant, consistent cash flow that allows you to give generously to yourself and others
  • Deep happiness and fulfillment knowing you’re making a bigger, more meaningful impact with your gifts
“Are you really READY for this?”
Expanding your business with programs is the most powerful way to serve more clients and make the difference you were born for.
In fact, you’ve probably been thinking about doing this for some time, and now it’s time to get started so you can enjoy more freedom and profits.
You’re in the right place if…
  • You’re tired of working too hard for too little money
  • You’re frustrated with your limited 1-1 business model
  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to offering info products or programs
  • You’re confused by the huge world of online marketing
  • Your marketing results have been disappointing
  • You struggle to fill your group programs
It’s easy to feel like you’re trapped when you’re trading your time for dollars.
“Selling online is easier than you might think…”
I’ve walked this path and learned from personal experience – it IS possible and easier than you might think when you have the right mentors.
If I can do it, YOU can do it. Here’s how I made the leap…
Just 8 years ago, I was stressed out and overworked as an investigative journalist. I published 100s of articles and front-page cover stories that reached over 200,000 readers around the United States.
I was digging up political scandals and shedding light on important issues. The job of an investigative journalist was exciting for a while, but then the glamour wore off.
I was working too hard for too little money, and in my heart I knew I wasn’t making the meaningful impact I was born for.
My most groundbreaking cover stories attracted attention for a week but ultimately didn’t change the world. They simply ended up as the lining on someone’s pet cage the week after they were published.
I became exhausted and stressed out working under constant deadlines. I had dark circles under my eyes, my hair was falling out, and I would often collapse with fatigue in the evenings after work.
I felt so crappy I finally went to my doctor. I discovered that I have a serious liver disease that was sucking my energy.
This was a LOUD wake up call.
I realized I couldn’t keep up my high-pressure lifestyle… and I saw how valuable every moment is.
“I didn’t want to waste ANY time doing something that didn’t make me happy.”
The big “A-HA” came during my yoga class, when I was stretched out in the downward dog position.
I prayed for inspiration. In that moment, I heard a clear voice in my head, “You don’t have to be a journalist anymore. Take a medical leave and find a new career.”
Relief flooded through my body. This new idea was unfamiliar and scary…but liberating. I knew there was a more fulfilling, happier, healthier life waiting for me.
“I knew I was a leader and a messenger destined to help 100,000’s of people…”
Shortly after my yoga mat awakening, I found myself at a business seminar lead by Sharla Jacobs and Jesse Koren of Thrive Academy.
They introduced me to a whole new possibility for my life.
Dozens of coaches and holistic practitioners in their community started asking me to help with their marketing messages, and I realized there was a much bigger calling for my writing skills. I saw that I could start my own business and create irresistible writing training programs for entrepreneurs.
My passion for life started to reawaken, and I knew this was the right path for me. I was excited about helping more people and earning more money with my gifts. So I took a huge leap and signed up for a $10,000 training program to start my business. It was freaky because I wasn’t even getting a paycheck at the time, but I had faith in myself and in my vision.
And it just kept getting better from there…
I started coaching entrepreneurs through creating their website content, and I helped them find irresistible words to attract clients. My 10 years of journalism training and experience had prepared me for powerful communication that gets noticed.
I immersed myself in learning marketing and sales psychology and saw the magic work on my own business growth.
When I made my first offer, I attracted $1,600 in sales in just 60 seconds. I thought, “Whoa! This really works.
In 2008, my first year as a business owner, I launched a marketing campaign to fill a 2-day workshop and attracted 50 clients in just 3 months. I made $65,000 right out of the gate.
The next year I doubled my revenues, and I’ve continued to double my business income every single year.
My marketing has evolved online, and I’ve seen the power of my words attract 40,000 people to my community.
As we grew, my online marketing got even more effective, and I started bringing in $50,000 in just 30 days.
My Irresistible Online Marketing training company now serves clients in over 10 different countries. During an average month, I’m making $100,000, and my business is earning over 7-figures a year.
My clients are celebrating HUGE successes, from $50,000 in online sales during a program launch to up-leveling their entire business to 6-figures with leveraged products and programs.
“1,000’s of my clients use this system to consistently generate amazing results.”
Over the past 8 years through coaching and teaching 1,000’s of entrepreneurs, I’ve created the most effective system to help you sell products and programs online – with ease and authenticity.
They discover that online marketing can actually be FUN. They don’t waste time getting frustrated with web pages that don’t convert.
Even if you don’t have a website or a program created yet, my system will show you the way, so you get started on the right track.
If you’re ready to expand your reach and impact with more lucrative, leveraged income, then I invite you to join…
The Irresistible Online Sales System
Here’s what you’ll celebrate after completing the Irresistible Online Sales System
  • You’re clear about the ideal clients you’re meant to serve and what to offer them
  • You have a truly Irresistible Hot-Selling Program that will change lives
  • You know exactly how to describe the value of your program so people get it
  • Your sales page is done – and it’s so irresistible, people can’t wait to join it
  • You have magnetic online videos that make your ideal clients excited to enroll
  • You’re READY to release a website that enrolls clients for you, 24-7
Trust your vision to leverage your business and commit to making it REAL. You need to start now.
Here are the 7 proven stages you learn in the Irresistible Online Sales System…

Stage 1
Clarify Your Irresistible Online Positioning

  • Find your hot-selling program topic that stands out and attracts the right clients
  • Learn the 7 easy steps for profitable market research that clarifies your most irresistible offer
  • Get crystal clear on who YOUR ideal clients are, what they want and the words they respond to
  • Learn the secret psychology to write marketing messages that attract paying clients

Stage 2
Design Your Program For Sales Success

  • Discover the 10 hottest-selling program structures that are effective – and attractive
  • Get the 8 Irresistible Program Title Templates to find the perfect words that make your offer stand out and sizzle
  • Learn program pricing secrets to get paid what you’re worth

Stage 3
Craft Your Irresistible Sales Page

  • Discover the 15 essential parts of the Irresistible Sales Page formula (I break it down, step-by-step, so you can easily craft your copy following the template)
  • Get easy-to-use templates that help you clearly and confidently write irresistible copy (you don’t need to be a great writer to succeed at this)
  • Learn the 20 essential website ingredients you need to build trust so people buy from you online
  • Learn how to add warmth and personality to your page with your story

Stage 4
Create Your Compelling Offer Video

  • Discover the 12 Essential Steps for exactly what to say in your offer video so it inspires people to take action and buy now
  • Learn how to anticipate and ease concerns that could stop your potential clients from buying (and how to get past the common “I can’t afford it” obstacle so people can finalize receive the solutions they need)
  • Be authentic, compelling and confident in your video so your ideal clients keep watching and join your program
  • Make your offer truly irresistible without being hype-y or sales-y so you feel 100% authentic and in alignment with your values

Stage 5
Create Educational Videos that Boost Sales

  • Learn the formula to create 2 educational videos that make people excited to buy
  • Know exactly what to say so your ideal clients get great value and want to take the next step to enroll
  • Boost awareness about your value so your ideal clients CRAVE your program!
  • Use your educational videos as a list-building gift to attract 1,000’s of your ideal clients online

Stage 6
Get Your Sales Website Up & Running!

  • Get a checklist of the exact online technology resources you need to attract sales through your website
  • What to look for in a website designer or virtual assistant – and how to hire the best one
  • Learn the most cost-effective ways to get your online sales system going without spending $1,000’s on a fancy website
  • Feel confident with your online marketing, even if you’re not computer savvy

Stage 7
Get the Launch Planning Checklist

  • Get the step-by-step checklist for what to do – and when – to launch your program and attract a RUSH of online sales
  • Learn how to get started with a first Pilot Program Launch that can earn $5,000 in a month
  • Inspire people to buy now so they get the transformation they really want
  • Get the complete blueprint you need for all of the web pages in your online sales system and how they fit together to maximize results
  • Feel clear, prepared, and READY to fill your programs online!
You get these valuable support BONUSES when you enroll now:

Special Bonus ($1,782 value)

Ongoing Support with the Marketing Makeover Club

Irresistible Income

Enjoy 6 months of access to group coaching calls with me and our Irresistible Marketing Coaches, where you’ll get the chance to receive personalized feedback to make your marketing messages sizzle!
Through live coaching examples, you’ll see what makes a website truly irresistible – and what doesn’t — so you can avoid the most common mistakes and blind spots. You’ll also get access to the Marketing Makeover Club exclusive Facebook Group – that’s hopping with inspired entrepreneurs in our community.
You’ll receive valuable feedback and networking over the next 6 months. You have incredible support and encouragement to get the clarity you need for success.

Special Bonus ($3,994 value):

“The Irresistible Messenger” LIVE 3-day event

Irresistible Income
Live Event November 5-7, 2015 in the San Francisco Bay Area

Video Marketing Secrets to Skyrocket
Your Business Online!

Get 2 Tickets to this live training experience where you’ll:

checkmarkRapidly grow your subscribers and sales with simple, powerful videos

checkmarkBe irresistible, confident and magnetic in front of the camera

checkmarkGet the proven 6-figure marketing plan to explode your online presence

checkmarkParticipate in our Referral Partner Match-Up where you connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who can help promote your business!

See what people are saying about Vrinda’s life-changing live events…

Watch this video:

Special Bonus ($497 value):

Grow Your List Now

Irresistible Income

In this in-depth webinar, learn my 5 most powerful strategies to rapidly grow your email list with 1,000’s of your ideal clients.
  • Rapidly grow your subscribers and sales with simple, powerful videos
  • Quick and effective formulas for Irresistible Gifts
  • Engaging Facebook posts that boost your website visibility
  • Attract the best potential clients with strategic referral emails
  • Boost your subscribers with magnetic blog articles
  • Get your website noticed with short, client captivating videos
Enrollments close at midnight!
“What if I’m not clear yet?”
If you’re not clear about who your ideal clients are or what to offer yet – don’t worry – you’re in the right place. You’ll get all these pieces into place once you join the Irresistible Online Sales System.
This course will help you get clear, so you know the ideal clients you’re meant to serve and how to craft the most irresistible marketing messages they’ll respond to.
You’ll also learn how to create the outline, title and structure for your next group program or info product.
Even if you just have an idea or a desire to leverage your expertise, we’ll show you the exact next steps you need to create a hot-selling program or product. If you’re committed to serving more clients, you’re ready to benefit from this course.
“What if I don’t have a big list?”
That is a GREAT question. You do need to get the right ideal clients to see your website so you can have a big impact. And the secret to getting them there is…HOT content. It’s the words you put in your ads and emails. It’s what you say in your online videos.
The Irresistible Online Sales System gives you the essential steps to craft truly compelling, authentic content that magnetizes your ideal clients.
PLUS, I want to have the 5 best list building strategies that have worked for me and my clients. As a special bonus, you’ll get exclusive access to my “Grow Your List Now” webinar training.
The reality is, you don’t need a huge list to succeed at this – you need a responsive list of the right types of ideal clients who WANT what you have to offer.
And remember… You first need to get your website READY to attract sales so when you send people there, they can take action and get the support they need. So build your list and your Irresistible Online Sales System at the same time.
“What if I’m too busy?”
The most important thing you need to know is, The Irresistible Online Sales System is going to SAVE YOU TIME by giving you the quickest proven path to results. No more wasting time and money with marketing that doesn’t work – it’s COSTING you way more in lost income potential to try to grow your business without this system.
And if you’re interested in getting your online sales website completed in the most effective, time-saving way, you’ll love the easy-to-follow templates and checklists I give you in my program. My goal is to help make your life EASIER – so you don’t have to struggle alone, making costly mistakes by guessing and “winging it” without mentoring and a proven system to follow.
Plus, let’s face it: the fact that you’re busy is a SIGN you need to start leveraging your business with programs or products. It’s a sign you’re ready to automate your marketing online to boost your profits with less work.
f you don’t make the commitment to transform your business results, you’re going to stay stuck in the time-for-dollars cycle. Things aren’t going to get magically less-busy if you keep doing the same things.
Now is your chance to start doing something different so you have more freedom (and money) in your life.
“What if I’m not computer savvy?”
Join the club! Most of us entrepreneurs don’t actually do the “technical part” of online marketing.
Mastering online marketing REALLY means understanding irresistible marketing messages and the psychology of attracting clients with your words – all while being authentic, confident and clear.
You need to know create the content and strategy for each web page, but you can get help from virtual assistants when it comes to putting up your website and making the technology work.
In the Irresistible Online Sales System, I give you the nitty gritty details you need to know about hiring the right support people and technology services for your online presence. We don’t teach you how to construct your own website because you shouldn’t be doing that – we help you get clear on exactly what you need (and the overall strategy of your website) so you can get the right help in the most cost-effective way.
“Can’t I just figure this out on my own?”
Some people think they’ll just read my sales pages and figure out the formula I teach without investing in my program.
That’s kind of like believing you can look under the hood of a car and suddenly know how to build another car without ever having gone to engineering school.
Your chance of success doing it this way is pretty unlikely — and will probably cause you a lot of headaches, frustration and disappointing results.
From my heart, I really don’t want you to have to go through that! Many clients have joined my program after years of trying to sell online. Once they learn my system, they realize the big mistakes and blind spots that were costing them.
The formula I teach is totally learn-able, but you won’t figure it out simply by reading my stuff. Whether you choose to work with me or someone else, I strongly recommend you get mentoring to create your online marketing and sales system.
“What will I get out of the Irresistible Online Sales System?”
This course shows you how to create an online sales system that attracts orders for you and fills your programs 24-7.
You’ll come away with a clear title and outline for your hot-selling program, your completed Irresistible Sales Page, and the outlines for your Educational Videos so you know exactly what to say in front of the camera.
Plus you get the Launch Planning Checklist to start filling your program! If you’re new to launching programs, I’ll show you how to begin with a mini Pilot Program Launch that can earn $5,000 in just 30 days. If you want a more flexible business that allows you to serve 1,000’s of clients on your own terms, this program is for you!
Enrollments close at midnight!
Press play to see why these people chose Vrinda to be their mentor:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love the value of this course, I’ll give you access to 3 of the training modules for 30 days risk free. If you find it’s not a fit, you may request a full refund, as long as we receive your request in writing up to 30 days from your date of enrollment.

Hop on board now and get ready to celebrate a rush of online sales!
Whether you’re starting a new business, or you’ve been wanting to expand with online programs and products, this investment will come back to you many times over and will continue to pay off for years to come.
I’ve personally seen entrepreneurs waste over $7,000 on ads that didn’t attract any new clients because their words were only “lukewarm” instead of truly irresistible. Consider the 1,000’s of potential clients you’re losing every time you try to promote something with less-than-hot messaging.
How much money are you leaving on the table? You could be throwing away $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or more every time you try to fill a new program, simply because you didn’t invest a little energy in making your marketing irresistible.
My client Nicole Young realized the costly marketing mistakes she had been making for years. Within a few months after she started working with me, she celebrated a $40,000 program launch! Then she went on earn $400,000 that year.
Another client, Christina Morassi, made $50,000 in just a few weeks after releasing her first sales page – and then she tripled her business that year.
See the dozens of success stories on this page – these are REAL and you’re welcome to contact my clients to verify their accuracy.
I’m in this to help you get results. Let’s get your online sales system working like a charm, so you can help more clients and make a bigger difference. The world is waiting for you, and NOW is the time to take action.


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checkmarkBONUS #1: 6-month membership in the Marketing Makeover Club where I get access to group coaching calls for personalized feedback on my marketing. ($1,782 value)

checkmarkBONUS #2: Access to the “Grow Your List Now” training ($497 value)

checkmarkBONUS #3: 2 Tickets to “The Irresistible Messenger” LIVE 3-day event where I’ll learn video marketing secrets to skyrocket my business online. ($3,994 value)

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Still Have Questions?

Ask me any question about the Irresistible Online Sales System and I’ll help you get clear so you know if it’s the right fit for you.

You are very important to us. Once you submit your question, a knowledgeable member of the Irresistible Online Marketing team will contact you personally to provide answers about our program.

“When you’re ready, your teacher shows up…”
Words of wisdom I live by. Investing with mentors to teach me their proven systems has been MY secret to success.
I hope you’ll give yourself this important marketing resource – an essential education for any entrepreneur growing online.
Taking this step now will bring you so much closer to making more money and serving more clients, all while working less.
Think about the free time you’ll have when your own Irresistible Online Sales System is working for you – how would you like to more fully enjoy your life?
I invite you to say, “Yes!” now from a place of love for the lifestyle you want, the clients you’re here to serve, and the hugely profitable business you’re here to create.
My warmest wishes for your success,
Vrinda Normand
The Irresistible Marketing Mentor
Photo of Silvia Johnson

Silvia Johnson
Business Leverage Coach 6figuresoutsidethecubicle.com
“I had a 10% conversion into my paid group coaching program!”
“Before working with Vrinda, I was frustrated because it felt like I was working so hard, spending all this energy, and not really getting results. I had about 10 people sign up for my free teleseminar and no one bought the program I offered.
It was a blow to my self-esteem. I thought, “Oh my God, ‘Am I going to have to go back to the corporate world and be miserable forever?”
Through my work with Vrinda, my business became much more focused and easy to grow. I got really clear and confident describing what I do, even to complete strangers.
I saw a huge improvement in my writing and marketing, which led to a successful teleseminar and online marketing launch. I had 200 people sign up for my teleseminar and a 10% conversion into my paid group coaching program!
Now I’m planning a 5-figure launch, and I’m so excited. I’m finally seeing results!
Photo of Amy Miyamoto

Amy Miyamoto amymiyamoto.com
Results Coach
“I filled my first teleseminar program with 26 people from around the world!”
“I knew the heart and power of what I wanted to communicate, but I just couldn’t grab onto those magic words that were really going to pop. It was so frustrating!
Working with Vrinda made all the difference. I gained a new appreciation for the method of crafting hot copy myself. I felt so much more empowered to find the perfect words my audience wanted to hear.
When I made an offer for my new program, I felt so confident. It was an enthusiastic, easy YES for those who came on board. In a 60-second sales presentation, I brought in nearly $1,200 in orders and then went on to fill my first teleseminar program with 26 people from around the world.”
Photo of Alison Marks

Alison Marks 6figurehomeoffice.com

“I added 3,000 people to my list, made $20,000 and the money is still coming in!!”
“Before working with Vrinda, I was frustrated and only working with a few clients. I tried launching a product online with disappointing results. I needed to change gears but didn’t know how to communicate what I do.
Vrinda helped me come up with a hot name for my business and launch my first telesummit online with irresistible writing. Within just a couple months 3,000 people signed up for my telesummit! I made over $20,000 in sales in just 8 weeks, and the money is still coming in.”
Photo of Bari Lyman
Bari Lyman
“My first big launch made $25,000 and added over 800 people to my list!”
“I’m the founder of the Meet to Marry method, which helps singles quickly blast through whatever is getting in their way of finding true love. Before participating in Vrinda’s Irresistible Marketing program, I lacked the marketing engine to attract my ideal clients.
Vrinda’s step-by-step formula for creating an incredibly successful launch helped us generate over $25,000 in our summer program launch and added over 800 people to our list. Since working with Vrinda in 2012, we’ve grown to 6 figures and for 2013, we’re on target to double our revenue.”
Photo of Anastasia Netri Anastasia Netri
Business Goddess Coach anastasia-netri.com
“I added 4,000 people to my list and attracted $37,000 from sales in just a few months!”
“Before working with Vrinda, I wasn’t really sure about my product or marketing message. I didn’t know how to write advertising copy…no one responded to my messages. It was really frustrating doing the best I could but not getting results. It felt like a big hit on my self-esteem.
Having Vrinda’s support was huge. During my 2-month teleseminar program, Ibuilt my list with 4,000 people. In this short time, I brought in $37,000 from sales and filled my business with amazing new clients I LOVE working with.
Something big has shifted inside of me. I finally know my value, and I’m building my business on my own terms.”
Photo of Dana Davis

Dana Davis
Balance and Yoga Instructor goodpostureisbadforyourback.com
“I doubled my list…now I’m starting to make passive income selling my information products!”
“When I finished creating my information product, I wanted to start selling it online but didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t know how to make my writing powerful without sounding gimmicky.
Without Vrinda’s help, it might have taken me years to finish my website content. She gave me easy steps to write my sales copy. Her teaching made everything so clear.
I’m so happy with the website I’ve created. The writing sounds like my voice. I’ve doubled my list, and I’m starting to make passive income selling my information products!
Vrinda also helped me write marketing materials for my workshops. I recently had 50 participants and brought in $2,000 in sales in just 1 evening!”
Photo of Rebecca Mar YoungRebecca Mar Young acubirth.com.au
“I enrolled 45 new clients online – all while I was 33 weeks pregnant!”
“My business partner and I are amazed by the results and totally thrilled – thank you Vrinda for your program – I just love it!
We attracted 550 sign ups for our first free teleseminar and then enrolled 25 midwives online in just the first 24 hours of our program launch. We now have 45 people enrolled and have brought in nearly $20,000 in revenues – all while I was 33 weeks pregnant!”
p.s. There are 20 essential ingredients you must have in place to build trust online. This leads to getting online orders 24-7. Click here to discover the secrets in my Irresistible Online Sales System.
Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background and commitment.
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