Name Product: Vic Johnson – Getting Rich with eBooks 3.0
Market price: $897
Author: Vic Johnson
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“Announcing The First A-Z “eBook How-To” Workshop-in-a-Box That Almost Anyone Can Use to Create Your Own 24/7 Cash-Spitting Internet Money Machine”

Case Study: Teenage eBook Author
Well, maybe not a child — but TEENAGER Tony Waters turned his love of skateboarding into an online empire that took him a few hours to set up, and is now earning him more than most Americans make in a year!
Tony wanted to be a pro skateboarder but was disappointed in the skateboarding videos and books he found so he decided to create his own skateboarding tips and sell them as an eBook.
His fellow skateboarders went bonkers for it!
Tony sells about 10 books a day at $27 each. On my calculator that says he’s making almost $100,000 a year!
But what about $100,000 in one day?

Case Study: $108,121 in One Day
My friend, David Riklan, did just that with his eBook The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives.  We’ve had that eBook on our site since it came out.  On one day of promotion after it launched, David made a kewl $108,121 in ONE DAY from a product that existed only in electronic bits and bytes.  That eBook has also helped him build a subscriber list of almost 1 million subscribers!!  And get this:  he got the content for his book from information that was readily available to ANYONE searching the Internet.
Case Study: 74-year-old Grandmother Does Millions
Margie Garrison has her own eBook story.  A 74-year-old Florida grandmother, Margie suffered with arthritis for 43 years.  After being told she’d soon need a wheelchair, she found a natural cure for living free of arthritis pain.  She turned her experience and findings into a $40 ebook she sells around the world from a simple website.  To date, she’s sold more than 210,000 copies and raked in more than $2,800,000! (you read that right — two million, eight hundred thousand dollars — from an eBook!)

Case Study: From 14 Jobs in 28 Years to Coaching Maven
By her own account Robin Harpe, a Florida-based HR consultant, spent over $80,000 finding out why her life was headed in the wrong direction, why she was sick, tired and broke all the time. After 14 jobs in 28 years, a failed marriage of 21 years, and enormous debt she was sure something was wrong with her. In the process of helping herself, she also developed a huge passion to help others struggling with their own demons. And an eBook was one of the ways she saw that she knew would help.
When she started in the Getting Rich With eBooks program she said the only thing she knew was “The importance of the database list and total confusion on how to get started with my Internet ventures. “
After completing the program she says she developed “a thorough understanding of the basic fundamentals for Internet Marketing. So many other programs have been a 50,000 foot view. This program went straight to the heart of how to create an Internet presence starting with eBooks. It is a true step-by-step guide.”And that step-by-step guide helped her get her eBook site up and operating at to support her exploding coaching business.

My eBook Story
If you know my story, you know that in 1996 my family and I were evicted from our home and given 48 hours by a judge to find another place to live.  A year later we lost our last automobile to repossession and had to drive a 12-year-old bomb I borrowed from a friend for more than a year.
In 1997 I earned so little money (just $14,027 for the year) that we qualified BELOW the U.S. Poverty Level.
After rebounding back from that disaster (that’s another story), I launched a simple eBook site in 2001 that generated a six-figure income in its first year of business.  To date we’ve GIVEN AWAY more than 400,000 copies of that first eBook and it’s propelled me to a seven-figure business, a waterfront dream home and vacations in some of the hottest spots in the world.
eBooks have earned me more than $7.7 million and frankly, with what’s about to happen in the eBook business, that’s pocket-change compared to what I expect to earn in the next few years!

Getting Rich With eBooks 3.0 DVDs
DVD 1: Introduction to eBook Marketing
DVD 2: Simple Ways to Test Any Idea
DVD 3: Guru Secrets for Creating Your eBook
DVD 4: The Technology Made Easy Part 1
DVD 5: The Technology Made Easy Part 2
DVD 6:  How To Sell Truckloads of Your eBooks
DVD 7:  Ninja Marketing Secrets
DVD 8:  How to Get Your eBook to the top of
DVD 9: mp3 Audio Recordings and Unadvertised Bonuses

Video 1: Introduction and Your Big Idea
Video 2: Case Study: $203,381 In A Day
Video 3: Creating Boatloads of Traffic
Video 4: He (She) Who Has The Biggest List Wins
Video 5: Success From The Sales Offer
Video 6: What Will You Sell? Content and Products
Video 7: A $1,500 Mini-Site That Generates Six-Figures
Video 8: Your Most Frequently Asked Questions
Video 9: Operations and Technology
Video 10: Customer Relationships and What’s Next

Name Product: Vic Johnson – Getting Rich with eBooks 3.0
Market price: $897
Author: Vic Johnson
Home sale:
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