Name Product: Udemy – SEO 2016: E-Commerce SEO for WordPress and Shopify Website
Market price: $195
Author: Arun Nagarathanam, Rohan Dhawan, Sharomena Aarthi
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This SEO for ECommerce course will serve you as a comprehensive guide, if you’re starting a new E-Commerce website or optimizing your established online store for more sales. If you’re not getting any traffic from Google then it means you’re leaving sales on the table.
You will learn how to optimize your ecommerce website using various seo strategies such as
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
Page Speed
Conversion / Sales optimization and much more
The websites that are ranking in top 3 Google search results gets 48.4% CTR cumulatively. Also only 3% of search users go beyond page 1 on Google search. So it’s inevitable for an ECommerce website to do seo and rank within top 3 search results on page 1.

Usually, new ECommerce sites think that if they just list 100s of products on their online store, then Google woul bring in the traffic gradually. But in reality that’s not the case. Even if you wait for 10 years, you won’t achieve the results / sales that this course can give in just 3 months after optimization.
But you need understand one thing, doing seo for ecommerce websites is not same as doing for a blog or a portfolio website. Several product pages are created every day and they are not updated for years. Also, the content given by product manufacturers are usually thin and bad for seo.
That’s why we designed this course for owners of E-Commerce stores,

Who are struggling to get sales
Who want to rank high on Google, for the products they sell
Or for those who don’t even know what keyword they need to target to get traffic from Google.
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to increase your sales by up to 500% and also you will outrank your competitors on Google search as well as in terms of trust and credibility.

What are the requirements?
You need to have a WordPress E-Commerce Website or a Shopify store

What am I going to get from this course?
You’ll make your ECommerce website into a profitable online store that reaps long term benefits with SEO for E-Commerce
You’ll learn How to do Keyword Research SEO and Competitor Analysis in the right way
You’ll learn to outrank your competition on Google search to get more share of their traffic and sales with E-Commerce SEO
You’ll learn to use Google Keyword Planner Tool to find your profitable keywords without using any search terms
You’ll learn to optimize your website to load it under 1 second and reach 98% Page Speed score from Google
You’ll learn to do on-page search engine optimization for your WordPress / Shopify store to reach top spot on Google search
Discover the methods to live a life without wondering about your next traffic source
You’ll learn the top notch strategies to reduce your store’s abandonment rate and improve conversions / sales

What is the target audience?
ECommerce website owners
Online Store Managers
Digital Marketers in ECommerce field
Anyone who wants to build a long term E-Commerce business
Anyone who wants to learn how to rank his/her store on the first page of Google