TutsPlus - Jordy Vandeput - Corporate Filmmaking

It’s time to earn money with your creativity at film making. Companies have money and they would love to spend that for a good corporate film. You are about to learn the artistic and commercials aspects for creating a good corporate film. Starting from a well thought concept until getting payed well.
Introduction 36m 40s
Introduction 2m 54s
The Concept 9m 52s
The Pitch 7m 2s
A Contract 10m 54s
The Budget 5m 58s

Pre-production 16m 20s
Scenario 4m 10s
Storyboard 6m 32s
Equipment 5m 38s

Production 17m 12s
Time Management 6m 40s
What The Client Wants 6m 14s
Company’s Secret 4m 18s

Post-production 28m 4s
Editing 10m 10s
Exporting Your Video 8m 44s
Distribution 9m 10s

Finalizing 10m 32s
Payment 7m 8s
Conclusion 3m 24s

Name Product: TutsPlus – Jordy Vandeput – Corporate Filmmaking
Market price: Membership
Author: Jordy Vandeput
Size: 1.6 GB


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