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“Revolutionary WP Plugin Drives Viral Social
Traffic Directly to Hand-picked Content
Monetized with YOUR Offers and
Opt-in Forms for Fresh Leads and Profits”

Discover How to Drive Targeted Social Traffic For a Massive
Boost In Opt-Ins And Sales Without Spending Hours Writing And Posting

Watch the video below to see how simple driving massive
social traffic to your offers can really be:

Get Monster Traffic without Writing a Word Yourself
Gain Social Signals to Boost Your Rankings in the SERPs
Build Your Authority on Social Networks

Friends . . . it’s TRUE.
You can get traffic by linking out to other
people’s content. It’s called content curation.
The concept is simple.

You find great pieces of content to share with your followers and link out to it. People begin to follow you because of the usefulness of the pieces you share. Curation also has SEO benefits, because Google wants to see websites linking out to authority content.
The biggest advantage of content curation is it frees you up from hours of researching, writing and editing.

Combine curation with social media sharing, and you’ll create the perfect traffic storm . . . viral traffic from people sharing your curated content with their friends and followers. . . who in turn share it with their own followers . . . for a tidal wave of traffic.
Sounds great in theory.
There’s only ONE catch. . .

With content curation, you end up driving traffic to someone else’s website.
How the heck are you gonna monetize it there? Read on to see how we gave content curation a potent twist. . .
We Took Content Curation and Stood It On Its Head . . .
While we realized we COULD build a huge following using curated content, we were still missing a BIG piece of the puzzle because it was so hard to monetize it.
After all, you are sending traffic to someone else’s website, so how do you get visitors eyeballs on your optin forms and offers?
So we did a little digging around.
We found out there were several SaaS companies with the the technology to do exactly what we wanted – gain the ability to monetize curated content.

Their technology allows you to send someone to a link on a website you don’t own yourself and display YOUR opt-in form or offer alongside the website content.
It was the breakthrough
we were looking for. . . however. . .
There were three major drawbacks
we saw with these SaaS platforms:
They are REALLY expensive to access –  anywhere from $199 – $300 per year (out of reach for many marketers)
You are limited to use of only one or two “brands” (aka profiles.) So if you operate in more than two niches, you’re completely out of luck –  unless you have $149 or more per month to play with. Even if you pay this much,  you are still  limited to only 10 “brands.”
The technology works only from the SaaS company’s own platform – there is no way to use it with your own domains, which means you’ll lose SEO and branding benefits
So we decided to come up with our own solution.

We figured out how to monetize curated content by developing a  simple-to-use WordPress plugin. It meant we could avoid paying those hefty recurring SaaS fees . . . and even better, we could use this technology with our own domains for complete control over our links . . .
We could also use it in any niches we desired – because we weren’t limited to a certain number of ‘brands,’ as we were with the SaaS companies. We also got some SEO benefits because we were linking out from our own websites to authority sites.
And as delighted as we were to see an immediate jump in social traffic and a huge boost in sales and optins when we started putting this plugin to work for us. .  . we wanted to make sure what we were seeing wasn’t a fluke.

So we asked some friends to try out our plugin . . . and they raved about how much their traffic jumped overnight. However, it wasn’t all they noticed.
They noticed they were getting
MORE SALES and opt-ins
than ever before.
Check out what they had to say. . .
and GET READY to get VERY EXCITED . . .
Our Testers Agree –
“This Is a Traffic Sucking Monster of a WordPress Plugin”
Forget worrying about ranking your site in Google. Forget spending hours writing and editing content. Forget sending YOUR traffic to someone else’s content and having no hope of getting an opt-in or sales out of it.
Here, in their own words, our beta testers lay it on the line why this Traffic Buddy has become THE essential traffic tool in their marketing war chest:

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