Hi, I’m Tommie Powers and my friends call me Tommie Traffic. My guess is you’ve never heard of me before and there’s a very good reason why…
You see, I’ve been an Underground Traffic & Conversion Master for the last 7 years.
I’ve been behind-the-scenes spending and managing MILLIONS of advertising dollars for my big budget clients.
That’s Me Speaking On Stages Across The U.S.

But up until now, I’ve never revealed my top traffic-getting methods to anyone except my close friends, my inner circle and my clients who pay me 4-5 figures a month to run their ads.
Needless to say, you want to pay VERY close attention to what I have to say and take notes.
As entrepreneurs with a large focus on leveraging the internet, we can both agree that our biggest and most frustrating problem is getting low cost, targeted, and reliable traffic to our landing pages and offers.
Now, in the good old days with Google Adwords, you could literally put up an ad and within minutes be getting traffic for just pennies a click, and you could send it to any web page on the internet.
In fact, in that golden era, I was making right around $30,000 per month just from Google’s display network alone.
That was BEFORE Google decided to slap nearly every marketer on the planet…
Today, your paid traffic options are ultra competitive, expensive, and getting more and more saturated with every passing day…
And if you’ve tried “so called” FREE traffic methods, you’ve seen firsthand how ineffective, slow, and unreliable they can be.
If you want to ‘SEO’ your site for months on end, hoping to rank for your golden keywords, only to be disappointed with little trickles of traffic or WORSE…
Have your site hit with penguin, panda or whatever the latest animal is, then go ahead.
But if you keep reading, I’ll reveal my SECRET traffic source where I’ve been getting avalanches of ultra targeted traffic for as low as 6 cents and sending it anywhere I want!
I’ll show you undeniable PROOF that you can get nearly an unlimited amount of targeted, reliable traffic from this source and I’ll also show you why it converts like CRAZY.
This traffic source is a sleeping giant.
Now listen, I know everywhere you look online others say their site will be taken down without notice. But I have to give you fair warning.
This page REALLY WILL be taken down shortly. And I am a MAN OF MY WORD.
There’s 2 reasons why I can’t have this information out there for the masses to see…
First, this is a golden opportunity. But like everything else, marketers ruin everything. I don’t want to spoil this sleeping giant traffic source by introducing my method to everyone and their mother. It just doesn’t make sense.
And secondly, my clients are literally begging me to not release this information publicly. I’m not just saying that. These are people who spend 5 & 6 figures per month on traffic and they DON’T like competition.
I have to respect that, so trust me when I tell you – this won’t be staying here for long.
My Secret Traffic Source Is YouTube!
Now obviously, you’ve heard of YouTube and you know it’s now the second biggest search engine. But you may not realize that over 1 billion people now visit YouTube each and every month and now gets more traffic than Facebook.
Everyday, people are using YouTube to learn stuff. They use it to be entertained. They even use it as a research tool before buying stuff online.

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