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Revealed: “The ‘Magic Power’ & Elite Productivity Strategy That Super-Achievers Use To Manifest Their Goals Up To 10X Times Faster With Greater Ease, Rock Solid Certainty `And Total Clarity…”
Warning: Learning This ‘Magic Power’ will create the foundation for ridiculous productivity, transform how you achieve your goals, remove muddled thinking, fear, uncertainty and doubt about how to achieve your goals, and retire for good excuses and stories as to why you can’t get what you want…
Dear reader,
I feel empathy for anyone who stands in the arena of success… day in day out … strives and works towards creating a greater life. Talented and hard working men and women who have the courage to raise their head and shout out to life “This is what I want!” and “I’m willing to work to get it.”
All too often they share the same frustrating pattern:
They want more
They are willing and often do work hard – to achieve their goals
They’ve frequently studied many personal development products and productivity systems such as GTD, RPM/OPA, Covey Planning system, Mission Control etc. in search of the elusive ‘edge’
They often have big dreams and several major life goals competing for the time

But here’s the rub…Michael_Breen
They can’t quite identify why they aren’t producing the level of success and results that they want
Why year after year they are facing the same problems and aren’t making real forward progress
They often feel like they are behind on their goals

When I inquire deeper it becomes clear that many people who share this pattern, who consider themselves achievers or personal development enthusiasts are in one of three places:
afraid and confused about how to go about achieving their goals (stuck)
overworked and on edge – feeling like they are in a constant “push, push, push” mode
overwhelmed and burnt out – where they’ve lost joy for the original goal and feel zapped and exhausted

That sucks. Many, perhaps most, simply give up and settle for results far below their capabilities.
But it doesn’t need to be that way.
The real reason why they don’t make as much progress as they want is because they’ve only been given a third of the strategy for how Super-Achievers produce results.
It goes something like this:
Set some goals. Make them SMART. Take action.

That may have been enough for producing some goals in the 1990’s, but how has it been working for you?
Today with so many demands on our time, so little free attention, increased complexity – the need for a simple system for locking on to your goals with GPS targeted precision showing you the path to making them reality, is what is needed.
In fact, it’s a system that Super-Achievers have been using for decades, but no one has told you about until now.

“Super-Achievers Are More Like Great Painters
Than Personal Development Guru’s”

Super-Achievers those people who are set and achieve big goals, folks who make a ‘dent’ in their universe are far more like great painters than most people know.
Sure they are respected for their successes. Contrary to popular meme, for the vast majority, their success is not down to luck.
They have studied many common approaches to setting and achieving goals. SMART goals. Big hairy audacious (BHAG) goals. Many followed the tried and tested “wheel of life” approach to goal setting, where you write out tons of goals for each area of your life etc.
SMART goals, are often not all that smart! Look around you, how have SMART goals worked out for you?
Having too many goals is often counter productive. You don’t have focus. You have 1001 goals that require attention.
Goals that are big and audacious can be great, but tell you little about how you are going to realise it.
Michael_BreenSomething more is needed.
Super-achievers have long realised this.
The answer has more in common with painting than self-development.
Painters who create great works, don’t draw a few lines, add some paint and viola think they are done.
Neither do Super-Achievers.
Where 99% of goal and productivity systems stop, super-achiever systems begin. Setting the goal is just the beginning… it’s what happens next is where the real magic happens.
Like great painters, super-achievers change the resolution of their goals.
They go forward, back, up and down. Zoom in, zoom out. Change perspective. Connect their goals with other important areas of their life. They throughly think through the resources required for the goal. They figure out how to create goal flow – the optimal set of actions arranged in a precise configuration that triggers the brain to take massive effective action.
Clear of doubt, confusion or uncertainty that stops most people.
They do all this this and more in a very specific fashion.

“Re-Imagine Your Goals, Bigger, Better, Easier.
Achieve Them Faster With Greater Ease And Confidence”

Like a painter, super-achievers don’t simply draw the goal out once. They re-imagine it many times.
By following a specific strategy, each goal has it’s own comprehensive ‘map’ or picture of what needs to occur for the person to get what they want.
When you have organised and hold your goal statement in that very specific way; the steps to achieve the goal becomes straight-forward, practical, even obvious.
Once the goal map has been created; super-achievers can take highly targeted, ultra focused, super-effective action.

They don’t need to will themselves in to action; because every element of the goal has been connected up with the super-achiever’s clear purpose. Action is clear. Automatic. Goal achievement becomes fun.
They don’t need to push near as hard because they’ve arranged their goal so its attainment is straight forward, the next action is always within reach.
The don’t feel overwhelmed because they aren’t trying to do a 1001 different things, they only need to do one thing, at any moment in time. And that thing is clear (because they are following their goal map.)
They can make better decisions, about what to do when, to get the very maximum leverage for any particular goal.
The process known as Task Decomposition becomes their ‘magic power’ for making goals, reality.

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