Tom Hopkins - Mastering The Art Of Selling Anything

How to Master the Art of Selling Anything DVD. “How to Master the Art of Selling Anything”by Tom Hopkins, The Builder of Sales Champions
If you’re in sales, or interact with people on a regular basis in your profession or you just want to be more persuasive … then the single most important thing you can do is to learn how to sell.
How to Master the Art of Selling Anything Program
It’s astonishing. Just by using certain words and strategies, you can get almost everything you want in life. But not all selling techniques are equal.
If you want the power to influence and persuade people to almost always say “Yes” to your requests then it makes sense to specifically discover the selling techniques of champions.
Imagine, knowing the words, the lines, the techniques, the closes and tactics of the top 5% of salespeople in America! If you had this insight you could radically change your life, explode your income and live the life of your dreams. And there’s no one more qualified to teach you those skills than Tom Hopkins, the builder of sales champions.

Who is Tom Hopkins?
Tom Hopkins got his start in real estate. His first six months in real estate were anything but successful. He had sold only one home and averaged $42 a month in income. He was down to his last $150 in savings when a man came into his real estate office promoting a three-day sales training seminar with J. Douglas Edwards. Tom hadn’t yet heard of either “sales training” or Mr. Edwards. But he decided to invest his last bit of savings in the program.
It was then that Tom realized selling is a learned skill. He was so inspired by Mr. Edwards’ training that he became an avid student. He attended seminars, read books on selling and even invested in some vinyl records on self-improvement.
Tom applied everything he learned and by the time he turned 27, he was a millionaire salesperson in real estate.
He set records that remained unbroken until this century. His last year as a real estate agent, he sold 365 homes—the equivalent of one each day. Grand total, he closed 1,553 real estate transactions in a period of six years.
Eventually, over many years his knowledge of how to sell evolved into his current sales training career where he is recognized as America’s #1 Sales Trainer and The Builder of Sales Champions. The US Army, Best Buy and AFLAC and State Farm are some of the 200+ companies Tom has trained.
With a record like that don’t you think you’d be in good hands when it comes to learning top tier selling techniques? Absolutely. The good news is …
Now – you can discover all of Tom’s most powerful selling secrets from beginner to advanced level in his program titled “How to Master the Art of Selling Anything.”
You’ll enjoy listening to Tom’s sales training — after all he’s considered one of America’s best public speakers. You can learn everything you need to know to succeed in selling at your desk, while you drive, jog or relax at home.

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