Name Product: Todd Valentine- Day Game (2015)
Market price: $697
Author: Todd Valentine
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The most complete, and most effective training program to meet, attract and sleep with multiple ‘cheerleader hot’ during the day time.
When was the last time you walked up to a girl, only to have your brain completely freeze-up?
So you stumble and bumble…and the set is over before you know it.
I’ve seen students experience this literally thousands of times.
Their heads are filled with so much seemingly contradictory pickup knowledge that their brains can’t help but shuts down.
Self amuse or show intent? Escalate or play it cool? Direct or indirect?
There’s no way in hell you can be consistent in game when you have ANY kind of doubt in your head. Game shouldn’t be confusing. It should be simple yet effective.
And that’s why I created Daygame the way I did.
A model that eradicates all confusion and awkwardness from your game. Learning game becomes as it should be – straightforward and fun.
Once you’ve been exposed to the Daygame curriculum, you’ll finally have a clear proven framework that your brain can internalize.
And that’s the key to success – You have to INTERNALIZE pickup.
It can’t just be this thing you force yourself to stumble through again and again.
It has to become a part of who you are. It’s the only way to ever truly succeed at pickup.