Name Product: Todd Spears – Project Supremacy V2
Market price: $ 197
Author: Todd Spears

Project Supremacy is the only WordPress plugin designed to perfectly do your on-page SEO in the exact way Google wants.
By using schematic markup, JSON LD, image exif, and all of the other “fancy stuff” that will literally obliterate your competition.
It will do all of this for you automatically, without you needing any special skill or code at all.
You also won’t have to focus on off-page SEO, backlinking, or using Private Blog Networks… and if you DO decide to do some off-page SEO, the results will be 100x more powerful thanks to having Project Supremacy.
Project Supremacy is ready to become one of those “essential plugins” that you immediately install onto every new WordPress site you create.
The results are proven time and time again: instant rankings and traffic boosts, with permanent staying power, meaning more sales, commissions, and larger lists — without spending a single penny on advertising

This Plugin Is Just Too Damn Powerful Not To Share.
We understand that SEO has taken a “back seat” to some folks who prefer to gamble on paid traffic. These folks might even go so far as to say SEO is dead.
And, well…
We’ve been laughing at that to the bank.
The only reason they think it’s dead is because they aren’t doing it right.
If SEO is dead, that means Google is dead, & you know damn well Google is alive & thriving.
And it’s time for you to enjoy the fruits of LIVING, PULSING, THRIVING Google…
(Fruits like all the sales, subscribers, clients, fans, customers… RESULTS, baby!)
Results for you and all your clients.

So…What Is The
Project Supremacy FIRE
That Makes This All Possible?
Schema is the tiny “micro” data Google picks up to determine your site’s content (and how good it is). Unlike the meta-keywords of old, good Schema is dynamic with your site. And while having that is a real “B” to do manually, Project Supremacy works in the background, perfectly, 24/7, to get this done for you.
And it works beautifully because it’s what Google wants.

EXIF is the micro data that’s taken from your images so that Google gets a really important glimpse into what your website is about. Sites where the EXIF data gets created nearly always outrank those that don’t. And Project Supremacy is going to take care of ALL of that for you.
And Project Supremacy will also be…
All The Content Curating Awesomeness You Will Ever Need To Have A Beautiful, Busting Site That Gets Loads Of Visitors.
Interlinking, Affiliate links, Youtube Videos, & Pixabay
Can All Be Added With The Push Of A Button.
All Your Keyword Research Included Inside.
PLUS iWriter & iNeedArticles Integration
For Your Site To Have Content In A Flash.
Affiliate Marketing Research Included Right Inside.
Setup Schema On Individual Pages.
Perfect For Multiple Location Sites.
This Is All Why
Project Supremacy Is Now
And Forever Will Be
The Insta-Install SEO Plugin For All Your Sites, Ever.