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So what is Tiny Little Businesses
TLB is a 7 month training program. One lesson per week.
Much like an MBA degree, there is a beginning and an end.
This is by design, because it works.
There is no “fast-track” option.
Each lesson is made up of written text.
Then there is video to visually demonstrate the “how-to” part.
Then you get a list of tasks for the week that you need to execute on, and summary notes that help you at a glance.
It’s step-by-step stuff.
Go and do this, then that, and the next thing.
Then the next lesson rolls in.

And so on.
The Tribe
You’ll also get access to our private community called TLB Tribe.
It’s a community of like-minded people, all hustling to make a difference (collaboration, masterminding, success stories, questions, partnerships, and challenges).

It’s awesome.
Experience Needed?
It honestly doesn’t matter.
If you’re a grass-green noob who has never earned a buck online before, this can work for you.
Even if you’ve been at this for years, but real results that were promised by the goo-roos just haven’t come.
The only real prerequisites are…
Determination (to do whatever it takes to succeed).

Desire (as in a burning desire to make this work).
You don’t need some fancy-pants education
You should read our Frank vs Matt manifesto. It details the early struggles all marketers go through, and how to finally break free.
Learn by Doing
In TLB we teach a philosophy called learn by doing.
Here’s how it works…
We explain why you should do whatever in a certain way.
Then we show you how to do it.
Then we list out the steps that you need to do.
And then you go do it.
End of that week you have a result.
It may just be some research.
But you’ll actually HAVE that research.
It may just be creating a survey.
Or contacting someone.
Or writing an ad.
Or spending $10 on Facebook Ads for an experiment you’ve setup to validate an assumption.
Or setting up tracking to better optimize your sales system.
Meaning at the end of the training you’ll actually have a working businesses that’s earning you money.Affiliate Marketing
We get asked a lot why we teach affiliate marketing as our core framework.
The simple answer is that affiliate marketing happens to be the path of least resistance to having a presence in any market.
It’s fast.
Requires zero product development and creation.
Which means minimum risk.
It’s the fastest way to “test the waters” before jumping into the shark tank.
Starting with affiliate marketing allows you to FIRST:

validate that an audience (pocket of people, or POP) exists (targeting).
validate that you can easily reach that POP (traffic).
validate whether the problem you’ve identified is even a problem worth solving (as in, will they PAY for the solution).

There is no faster way to validate these three points than doing it using affiliate marketing.
It’s all about minimum risk to you.
Once you have a winner, meaning you’re generating consistent and predictable sales, there’s nothing stopping you from THEN creating your own offer.This is why we focus the training around affiliate marketing.
Our TLB model is also universal in the sense that you can ultimately sell anything.
We personally prefer digital information products because the margins are so high (50 to 75%).
But, so long as there is a problem worth solving, there’s no reason why you can’t sell pretty much anything. Like, for example:

supplements to body builders.
yachts to the rich.
luxury submarines to the super-rich.
humidor’s to cigar connoisseurs.
hammock’s to err, … well hammock people.

You get the idea.
We teach a unique approach to affiliate marketing that’s based on the same lean methodologies that Silicon Valley uses to build super-successful startups, like Facebook, Google, Dropbox, and Instagram.
Lean by Demonstration (Case Studies)
You also get two case studies at the end of the training where you WATCH us build two “tiny little businesses” right in front of you.
Teaching this stuff isn’t our main business. We’re in the trenches every day BUILDING successful businesses online, totaling 8-figures a year, mainly outside of the “IM” space.
Here you get to see us run through our own proven system and build two little businesses (both outside of the “make money” vertical).

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