Tim Tarango - Learn NLP at Home
Learn how to create information products that become enduring, million dollar and multi-million dollar assets pushing out sales for years and creating happy lifetime customers that keep coming back for more. Dan Kennedy reveals the secret recipe he’s used to create more than 500+ products, including multiple million dollar plus income-earners. Listen in as he crams more than 30 years of experience and exposes the key ingredients in the most successful information products of all time.

Create Evergreen Information Products
Grow a Loyal “Herd” of Repeat Consumers
Develop Enduring Million Dollar Assets

The 19 Characteristics of Evergreen Information Products

Create Information Products that retain their selling power year after year using these never before disclosed characteristics.
The Big Take-Aways for Creating Great Information Products

Discover the four qualities great information products have, why you’re DOOMED without these, what Earl Nightingale, Superman, and Tony Robbins have in common and the secret to creating great info-products.
“Herd” –Building Techniques

Avoid one-time sales and continually starting from scratch using techniques for creating info-products that build a herd of serious consumers that keep coming back for more, plus flaws you can fix to drastically cut down refunds, Dan’s favorite “stick” strategies and what your customers really want more than anything else.
Key Ingredients of Successful Information Products

Listen on the go as Dan reveals his simple success recipe in the complete audio CD set. Follow this and you cannot fail to create great information products. Rewind to review Dan’s Secrets as often as you’d like.
Complete Transcription Manual of Dan’s Presentation

Write down all the ideas that pop into your head alongside Dan’s presentation in the companion manual with a complete transcription and a wide, blank margin for taking notes.
Dan’s entire “Secret Recipe” for Creating Long-Lasting, Million Dollar Information Products

Watch Dan live as he spills every ingredient and tells you how to put your product together to make money year after year in this professionally edited DVD set so you can pause to jot down money-making ideas.
Real Life Examples
Gain insider advantages full of real-life examples giving you even more powerful ideas.

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