Tim Kadlec – Responsive Web Design  Learn by Video

Responsive design isn’t merely another technique. It’s a way of building sites and applications that requires a fundamental shift in approach. From planning to development, every aspect of building for the web is affected.

This video course starts by explaining the three primary components of responsive design: fluid layouts, media queries and responsive images. With a firm understanding of those in place, we branch out and explore how responsive design impacts workflow, how to maintain the hierarchy of content, how to use feature detection to enhance the experience, how to organize your JavaScript to play along nicely, how to optimize responsive sites for performance—and more.
Course objectives & goals: This course arms its students with the skills necessary to start building quality responsive sites today. By the end of the course, students will know how to:
Use fluid layouts, media queries and fluid images to create responsive layouts
Use responsive image techniques to serve appropriately sized images to a variety of devices
Ensure that the hierarchy of content is preserved across screen sizes
Enhance the functionality of your site with feature detection
Improve the performance of your site and avoid becoming another example of “fat” responsive design
Adjust your existing workflow to better accomodate multi-device design and development
Determine what devices to test on and how

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