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How to Master Your Message, Be an Inspiration on Stage, Make an Impact, & Take Home a
Multi-6-Figure Income…

If You Have a Message and a Deeper Purpose Inside You To…
Speak on live event stages (keynotes, seminars, workshops)
Lead your own highly lucrative workshops
Speak on virtual stages (webinars, teleseminars, telesummits)

The Dark Truth Is…
Self-sabotage (dressed up as indecision and procrastination) to AVOID speaking is the biggest killer in growing your message driven business and why most speakers never do.
This is Called “Drifting” Where…
You have every intention of getting your message out there, but slowly over time, you drift further and further away from it…until it’s gone.
Is THIS Becoming YOU?

Change is Just a Decision Away
Imagine…as quickly as today, you could emerge from underneath your limiting beliefs about speaking, get your message out to thousands of people, speak with absolute confidence, clarity, and certainty, and become a highly paid speaker in ways you never experienced until NOW!
NO MORE wishing that your deepest fears, doubts, or insecurities around speaking would stop over-shadowing your purpose and the light inside you could finally get out!
NO MORE needy wishing that if you just made enough “speaker friends” that maybe a few of them would book you on their stages.
NO MORE wishing that you didn’t have to keep doing free speeches that “aren’t you” in order to get booked for the paid speeches that ARE you down the road.
NO MORE wishing that other speakers would finally start seeing you as “one of them”.
NO MORE wishing that people would finally take you seriously and look up to you as an expert and a leader.
NO MORE empty wishing that you could get paid what you’re TRULY worth.
NO MORE wondering when you’re finally going to get out there and step into the spotlight.

I’m Handing Over My Speaker Success Blueprint To You!
Inside this program you will discover…
MODULE 1: How to create your legendary keynote that people will never forget & companies will keep hiring you back for every year! (This is how one company booked me over 30 TIMES for their live events!)
MODULE 2: How to master The Fearless Speaker Mindset!
MODULE 3: How to create your Stand Out Story and master your message!
MODULE 4: How to connect with your audience, win their hearts, and lead your tribe!
MODULE 5: How to get booked and get paid!
MODULE 6: How to crush it on The Master Stage (that’s YOUR stage)!
MODULE 7: How to make Passive Speaker Income!

When You Order “Fearless Speaker Formula” Today, You Will Get These…
5 Incredible Bonuses!
Bonus #1: Live Workshop ($1,997 VALUE)
You will receive a FREE TICKET to my 3-Day Live Workshop “Fearless Speaker Emergence” in San Diego, California February 24-26, 2017!
IMPORTANT: Seating is very limited as this is an intimate event. Make sure to get your ticket now before it sells out!
Bonus #2: Template Speaker Contract ($997 VALUE)
Be contract ready so when event planners want to hire you, you’ll be ready to send them your speaker contract the minute they ask for it! You will get my template contract that I use to get booked with corporate clients, colleges, high schools, and seminars!
Bonus #3: “Crush Your Keynote” Speech Template
($497 VALUE)
Use my proven speech outline template so that you’re no longer lost or stuck on how to create your legendary speech!
Bonus #4: Event Planner Email and Phone Script
($197 VALUE)
To get booked to speak, you have to contact event planners. Don’t know what to say? Use my word-for-word email and phone script!
Bonus #5: Speaker Income Cheat-Sheet ($47 VALUE)
You will get an inside look at how much speakers make on different stages based on experience and types of stages!