SkillShare - Get Stuff Done Like A Boss (2014)

Productivity is one of the most fundamental forces in your life – every 2% increase frees up a whole extra week per year.
We all make the same resolutions: Get organized. Finish that project. Get back on track. Make progress toward my goals. But how many of us have an actionable plan for making these things happen?

In this class, I will show you how to adopt productivity behaviors that bring you automatically, day by day, toward your goals. Grand, heroic efforts are great for the movies, but in real life it is the small habits you’ve built into your life that make the biggest difference in the end.
Create a personalized workflow using digital tools

Introducing the Class
Phase 1 – Collecting Your Open Loops
Phase 2 – Processing Tasks Using Next Physical Actions
Phase 3 – Organizing Tasks in a Trusted System
Phase 4 – Reviewing Projects and Areas of Responsibility
Phase 5 – Doing Things

Choosing the Best Apps and Services
Running time- 1 hr 41 min
Release date-2014

Name Product: Tiago Forte – Get Stuff Done Like A Boss (2014)
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Author: Tiago Forte
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SkillShare_-_Get_Stuff_Done_Like_A_Boss_Design_Your_Workflow_and_Double_Your_Productivity_in_21_Days.part2.rar – 501.0 MB
SkillShare_-_Get_Stuff_Done_Like_A_Boss_Design_Your_Workflow_and_Double_Your_Productivity_in_21_Days.part3.rar – 214.3 MB
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