The Power of Price Behavior with Mike Baghdady
This course is by Mike Baghdady the winner of The World of Trading Show, traders’ competition held in Frankfurt on November 13th 2009. Mike used the methodology called The Power of Price Behavior to beat all other finalists including exhibitors at this year’s show.
Topics to be covered during the session:

– What creates trading opportunities;
– Behavior of Trends.

Who is Mike Baghdady?
Mike Baghdady is a 25 year veteran of the financial markets. He is a graduate of the American University at Cairo in Egypt. He is a Market Technician Association member and has held NASD licenses series 3, 7, 55 and 63.
Mike began his career as a physical grains trader in a commodity trading house. In 1989 he moved to New York and can proudly boast as being one of the fortunate few to apprentice at the hands of Mr. Alan R. Shaw CMT, widely considered the father of modern Technical Analysis at Solomon Smith Barney. Since then he worked as a Commodities broker, Stock broker, Futures analyst, Options trader, and as an instructor for both Foreign Currency Exchange and Equities Markets.
Mike has had extensive experience in teaching and mentoring hundreds of traders. His financial acumen and love of teaching fosters a unique symbiotic relationship for both his students and himself.

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