The Muse Master Collection
The Muse Master Collection
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The Muse Process for Filmmakers
A step-by-step workflow for Crafting emotionally felt stories.

Be the storyteller, not the tripod
Nobody wants to be told what to shoot, where to stand, and how to put things together. Nobody wants to be a tripod. Your perspective is the single most important thing you can offer a client. Muse helps you develop your perspective by understanding the core storytelling principles while showing you how to express your creative vision with rock-solid conviction.
Muse helps you turn your clients objective into a powerful story that delivers results
Muse will help you clarify your client’s intent, and then guide you in strategically developing content that delivers on that goal. Three process milestones ensure all stakeholders remain clear on what’s happening and why.
a clear process empowers you to create with more clarity and intention
Gone are the days of over-shooting to ensure you’ve ‘got it’ or trying to find a story in post. The Muse Process helps you get crystal clear on the goal behind the story, who is to be featured in it, and the story structure.

Take your understanding of story beyond just a buzzword.
The Muse course comes completes with hours of professionally produced tutorials broken down into fifteen tutorials. You’ll also get real-world case studies, downloadable recaps, and worksheets.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:
The People in your film determine how much your story is felt. Our research has uncovered 3 things that you can develop for each character to ensure the audience pays attention, falls in love, and connects deeply. You’ll learn what these Big 3 Things are, along with techniques on how to uncover and develop them with the people in your story.

Learn The Big 3 Things that ensure an irresistible character
Whether you’re shooting a doc, commercial, or a wedding–knowing how to develop the people in your film into strong characters is an essential skill. Having strong characters is critical part of creating a story that is emotionally felt.

Learn The 6 moments in your plot that make all the difference
Developing a strong story structure is one of the most challenging elements as a storytelling. We’ve drawn on the teachings of Aristotle, Freytag, and Campbell to put together the most accessible blueprint for developing an engaging plot.

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