LiveLessons - An Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Terry Slattery, CCIE #1026, is a senior network engineer with decades of experience in the internetworking industry. Terry is a Principal Consultant at Chesapeake Netcraftsmen, an advanced network consultancy that specializes in high-profile and challenging network consulting jobs. Terry is consulting in network core switching and routing and network management. He is the founder of Netcordia, inventor of NetMRI, and co-inventor on two patents, and he has been a successful technology innovator in networking during the past 20 years. He has a long history of network consulting and design work, including some of the first Cisco consulting and training on the east coast. As a consultant to Cisco, he led the development of the current Cisco IOS command line interface. Prior to Netcordia, Terry founded Chesapeake Computer Consultants, which became a Cisco premier training and consulting partner. At Chesapeake, he co-invented and patented the v-LAB system to provide hands-on access to real hardware for the hands-on component of internetwork training classes. Terry co-authored the successful Advanced IP Routing in Cisco Networks, is the second CCIE (1026) awarded, and is a sought-after industry speaker and advisor.

Major sections are as follows:
Lesson 1: What Is SDN
Lesson 2: Defining SDN
Lesson 3: Highlighting SDN Benefits
Lesson 4: Comparing SDN with Other Forms of Virtualization
Lesson 5: Understanding an SDN Architecture
Lesson 6: Understanding How an OpenFlow-Based SDN Works
Lesson 7: Examining OpenFlow-Based SDN Standards
Lesson 8: Highlighting SDN Shortfalls
Lesson 9: Interfacing with the Rest of the Network
Lesson 10: Exploring SDN Topologies and Operations
Lesson 11: Getting Started with SDN

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