Terry Gremaux – Twitter Automatic Lead Generator
Terry Gremaux – Twitter Automatic Lead Generator
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An Entirely NEW Type Of Training… One That Can Virtually Guarantee You Network Marketing Success – “By Building Your Network Marketing Business Online”
If you want to successfully get dozens of targeted prospects everyday and add 2-3 new reps per week to your network marketing business in less than 10 minutes per day…
Then keep reading because this letter is going to show you exactly how to do it.

Dear Friend,
My Name Is Shawn Andrew Walker and I am a consultant for an individual you may be familiar with…
First – allow me to be straightforward with you…
I am a no bull shit kind of guy and nothing upsets me more than someone getting raked over the coals
Everyday people just like you are looking to gain knowledge that will help them improve their business and they get duped.
They unknowingly purchase training online, maybe to get leads, or learn how to prospect online and that training doesn’t work.
It’s full of hype, been regurgitated from some guru and has never been tested by the person giving the training.
I am very familiar with this because I have spent over $20,000 in different online trainings and I have tested every one of them.
Recently my dear friend and client Terry Gremaux came to me with an idea for a training course
One that would…

…Deliver You Targeted Leads For Your
Network Marketing Business In Less Than
10 Minutes Per Day…
First I had to ask – why in less than 10 Minutes?
And he simply explained – because I don’t want two full time jobs – I want to build my business without having to work so hard…
That made sense – there’s a good chance you are looking for the same pot of gold…
You want targeted prospects without having to chase people around and make lists of friends and family…
His secrets methods sounded good, but:
Being extremely skeptical he had to prove it worked before I would help him deliver his training to people like you…
Terry began to show results of his secret method –

He Was Easily Bringing In 15 New Prospects For
His Business Everyday…
Sure that was cool for him – but he had to show that people like you could get the same results…
That your everyday Network Marketer could put these methods into action and they would be successful
Terry gave me a very lite version of the training that you will get your hands on and this is what happened next…

51 People Reached Out To Me – 9 Of Which Became Targeted Leads All In The First 2 Hours…
This is a strategy I have never seen before using a platform I am unfamiliar with…
If I can get 9 new leads in the first 2 hours using a very basic version of the training that you will get – imagine the results you will be rewarded with when you get access to the entire training course.
Since my entry into the Network Marketing industry I have never seen such a simple way to get new prospects reaching out to you everyday.
The days of being desperate for new prospects and scouring the malls are over – the awkward pain of trying to meet strangers within 3 ft of you can end today.
Finally you have a chance to get more targeted prospects and people to talk to everyday than you will almost know what to do with.
Allow me to introduce to you the training that will put an end to the anxiety of having no one to talk to about your company – the frustration of looking through your phone time and time again and coming up with blanks…

Here’s A Quick Glimpse At What Makes This Training Like Nothing You’ve seen Before:
How to average 9 new prospects everyday that will be reaching out to you – the days of making lists and chasing friends are gone.
Gain targeted followers everyday with a simple automatic system – use this method and you can get hundreds of new followers everyday that will become targeted prospects.
Never have to post on twitter again – discover how to set up your entire twitter lead generation system on automatic.
Change this one thing on your profile and you will get more leads instantly – do this wrong and you’ll scare off your most targeted prospects.
Discover what type of banner to use and how to make it so your profile will look professional – engaging and drive more people where you want them to go.
Shorten your growth curve by following the right people on twitter – this one secret will ensure you have more prospects reaching out to you.
What simple app to be using so your Twitter account is constantly providing your followers with value which increases their desire and need to join you – best part is you set it up once and never have to touch it again.
When to be sending your Tweets to get the most engagement from your follower that will turn them into new leads for your company.
Exponential organic growth – using a simple Tweet formula you will create engagement – new followers and a snow ball effect that will grow your Twitter fans who will become leads for your company – all on autopilot.
Grow your Facebook pages using Twitter – this allows you to have a conversation with your new prospect quickly turning them into a new rep.
Blog less content – that’s right you will be guided through the best method to provide your audience with valuable content… without having to pay for a blog or deal with the hassles of blogging.
What are the key components you need to have in your Twitter feed so you separate yourself from all the rest – using the wrong Tweets can decrease your new prospects, which means you will waste your time.
Quickly follow people that will become targeted leads for your business – you’ll be guided through exactly how to follow 1000 people everyday that can become targeted prospects for your business.
Twitter profiles get clogged up with people who are not active or ever going to become leads – see how to rid yourself of these pests in just seconds.
Discover how you can fill up a webinar with targeted leads on autopilot – this no cost method will get dozens of people opting in… use this secret to fill webinars – phone calls – and email lists.
Copy and paste messages that hands over new prospects to you everyday – never worry about saying the wrong thing again and losing leads and new signups.
8.5 Minutes to leads – posting and reaching out to people takes time and a lack of time is what keeps most people from having success… You will see exactly how Twitter will grow your business everyday in under 9 Minutes.

All The Skills You Need To Become Successful
So you see, Twitter Automatic Lead Generator truly has it all…
You will start with the foundation of Twitter ensuring your profile is a lead magnet – all the way up to having 9 or more people to prospect everyday.
You will be able to watch each training module over and over again to ensure that you lock in the skills to become a top-notch lead generator and recruiter.
With the system so simple to set up you will be able to let your new team members in on these secrets and help them become successful Network Marketers…
And what is better than being able to help your team build a wildly successful down line (which significantly helps your business)…
I have to be straightforward with you – Twitter Automatic Lead Generator isn’t perfect…
None of the videos are movie quality and the PDF downloads are not fancy nor are they in color – So this training is not going to win any awards at the Grammy’s But…

It Will Deliver You The Exact Strategies To Set Up Twitter So It Rakes In New Prospects For Your Business Everyday!
And because we decided to make this training digital access and not send it in the mail to you we have been able to reduce cost of production, which means you benefit greatly…
Since you are reading this letter you already know how critical it is to have your business running on autopilot… And that no top network marketer became wildly successful without leverage…
Fact is: Most trainers charge an arm and a leg for anything that shows you how to set up an automatic lead machine…
In reality: most people will never even reveal their secrets to creating an automated system.
We’re different – because we have seen so much failure inside of the mlm industry we are willing to show every secret and strategy that will help you have success
After implementing a lite version of Twitter Automatic Lead Generator, I had 9 new leads in 2 hours… I called Terry to reveal my results…
Expressed that he had to charge a minimum of $397 for this training.
Most people who buy leads spend hundreds of dollars per month and up to $5 per targeted lead… many of which never pan out to anything…

The Twitter Automatic Lead Generator Is Guaranteed To Hand Over 9 New Leads Everyday – The System Will More Than Pay For Itself In 30 Days
Terry told me no way on the $397 price tag – he wanted everyone to be able to afford his training because when he first started he could never afford $397.
I asked if he wanted to use the standard online training price of $297…  Again he said no way.
On the other end of the phone my mouth dropped in shock when he revealed the price that you can access the entire Twitter Automatic Lead Generator for today – and today only…
If you take action before finishing this letter you can have immediate access to the system that will easily deliver you 9 new prospects everyday for:

PRICE: You can get this course with only $37
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