Terry Gremaux & Felicia Mupo- The Art Of Phone Conversion (Copy)
Terry Gremaux & Felicia Mupo- The Art Of Phone Conversion
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How An Introverted Network Marketer Went From A
35K Per Year Job To Sponsoring 301 People – And Earning
6 Figures In 12 Months…
Easy To Do When You Discover This Secret!
Video #1 – Introverted To
6 Figures In 18 Months… You Can Also Achieve This Milestone!
Video #2 – Discover The Ability For You To Generate 6 Figures With
6 Simple Steps You’re Missing!
Video #3 – After Recruiting 300 People I Share My Most Effective, Easy To Duplicate Secrets!

I Almost Quit After I Failed in 9 Different
Network Marketing Companies —
But Then I Discovered
5 Simple Steps that
Helped Me Sponsor 192 Reps…

…Without Ever Having to Meet Them
Face to Face!
And Now, for the First Time Ever,
I’m Ready to Share These 5 Steps With You!
Dear friend,

My name is Terry Gremaux –

I was a simple 35k per year store manager wanting to create more out of my life – so I could give my family more, vacation more and stop struggling.

Flipping through a magazine one day I came across a small ad telling me I could make money from home. It looked extremely enticing and promising so I took action.

I ended up joining a network marketing company.  I was filled full of excitement and enthusiasm knowing deep down this was my chance to create success.

Unfortunately, what seemed so great took a turn for the worse.

I had a small hot and warm market.

In fact – I lived in a small Montana town, and I pursued my friends and family so much that when they saw me walking down the street they turned their heads and blatantly avoided me.

After this embarrassing failure I just knew it was my company, thinking to myself if only I had a better company, then I would have success.

So I joined another company, only to fail again, and then another company.
And another and another…

Believe it or not…
Who Is Terry Gremaux And Why Should You Listen To Him?
Terry Gremaux is a 6-Figure Earner in the home business niche and the creator of The Art Of Phone Conversion.

Terry has helped hundreds of people inside of the home business industry to recruit more reps and build successful teams.

Terry has shared the stage with individuals like Ray Higdon and Jerry Clarke.

Terry’s Art Of Phone Conversion has been used by many of his top clients to double even triple their recruiting efforts.

Now, Terry is making Art Of Phone Conversion available for a short period of time to help struggling Network Marketers Who Want To Recruit More Reps!
I Joined 9 Different MLM Companies
Chasing What I Thought Was the Problem!
Of course, each time I joined a new company I ran into the SAME EXACT PROBLEMS as I had encountered in the previous company. Nothing really changed.

Many nights I was filled with self doubt and on the verge of quitting. My family told me that my business was a pyramid scheme, a scam. They told me to get a real job.

Even worse, my friends and acquaintances repeatedly told me I was wasting my money and that I would never be successful. Do you know how much that hurt me?

My friends began avoiding my phone calls. And without a warm market to call, I was at a total loss for where to find prospects and how to sign them up.

I began to wonder if what my friends and family were telling me was true. And the truth was, my dream of time freedom and financial freedom was slowly fading away.

I had reached a point in my journey where my back was against the wall. This was my “rock bottom.”

And I realized in that moment I could either plant my feet, double down on my efforts, and discover the missing link that would turn my business around.

Or I could quit… quit on my family, quit my dreams and quit on myself.

I am a naturally introverted person, but I was willing to try it all.

I did –

Home meetings
Hotel meetings
Face to face meetings

And I must say I didn’t like any of them.  Plus I didn’t find them nearly as effective as what I am about to reveal to you.

In my years of struggles I discovered a simple 5 step process using the phone – This process has allowed me to sign up 192 reps over the past 2 years and grow a large team.
The Best Part – I Never Once Had To Meet Any Of My 192-Team Members Face To Face To Sign Them Up.
If you do the math, you’ll find that 192 new reps averages out to 1.8 new reps every single week for TWO YEARS straight.

That’s almost 2 new reps every week!

Can you imagine how your business would EXPLODE if you could sign up that many new reps using just your telephone??

Obviously, since I’m an introvert, the fact that I didn’t have to meet these people face to face was music to my ears. So if you’re an introvert, please know that this 5-step process WILL work for you!

And – if you’re an extrovert with an outgoing personality – this process will work just as well for you.

Now I already know what you might be thinking – that you hate the phone – it scares you – you already tried it – you don’t know what to say and you feel embarrassed…

Yes, it is the 800-pound elephant in the room – remember I am introverted and I assure you, I was deathly afraid of the phone… I’d get sweaty palms and my heart would be pounding out of my chest every time I even thought of picking up the phone.

Thankfully, I was able to make a few small “tweaks” to my thinking that totally revolutionized my relationship with the phone.

As surprised as you may be – there are only a few things that are keeping you from having fun with the phone. Once you remove these roadblocks, you’ll actually be EAGER and EXCITED to answer the phone – and you’ll be ready to sign up an endless stream of reps that are waiting for you to call them.

What is truly astonishing – in the past 24 months I have gone from making a measly 35k per year to making nearly 35K per month.
Yes, you read that correctly. I have almost 12X-ed my income since learning and applying the secrets of using the phone to build my team.

And now I am on a mission to help every struggling, frustrated ready to quit network marketer out there.

Trust me there is still hope

Because of what I am about to reveal to you my life has drastically changed and yours can too.

I have gone from taking 1 vacation every few years to taking 1 vacation every other month.

I have been able to fire my boss – walk away from the store manager position and create time and financial freedom for myself and my family.

I am not telling you this to brag or boast – My lifestyle is absolutely incredible, and I want more people to experience what I have been blessed to experience – People just like you.

My real passion in business – and why I do what I do is not to brag, boast or win awards… but… for the thrill of helping business owners like yourself realize you can succeed wildly.

That you can have a business that is profitable and fun – that you can choose whatever life you want from this point forward – and that your business will support your lifestyle not dominate it.  And have it all quicker and easier than you have ever imagined.
Now It’s Your Turn – You Deserve It – You Have Been Working Hard To Have Success, Now I Am Going To Give You The Tools That Will Help You Get There!
Here’s what I have done just for you –

I have packaged up my 5 step recruiting process into an easily digestible, easily implementable training course that will have you sponsoring reps and building your team in record time.

And now, for a very limited time, I’m making this special training available.

It’s called
“The Art Of Phone Conversion”
In fact – this course is designed to get you Sponsoring Two New Reps Each Week… If it doesn’t do that over the next 30 days… I will buy my course back from you!

Plus you will get $2700 in free bonuses – Love it or your money back with zero questions at all.

But, I’m getting way ahead of myself.

First I want to tell you why you must get “The Art Of Phone Conversion.”  And the best way I know how to do that is, take you through each amazing section and reveal to you many of the powerful secrets for recruiting new reps and growing your team
Section One – Master The Mindset And Make The Phone Fun
This section of the course alone is worth the entire cost – if you ask any top network marketing leader in the industry from Ray Higdon, Eric Worre to Sarah Robbins, I truly believe they will all agree – agree that mindset is what separates the winners and the losers.

I don’t completely expect you to take my word that this section alone is worth every penny of this course – so I will give you a glimpse of the moneymaking and success secrets inside…

Why simply allowing your mind to do this… will increase your likeliness to pick up the phone by 150%!
While most amateurs start spamming away (on the phone and social media) robbing themselves of signups and new customers most Pros know that the secret to high signup rates is a “simple plan”.  Easy to implement when you know the secret.
Spoon-feed your mind these few sentences everyday and you too can become a highly trained recruiting master – yes this means no’s will bounce off you like plastic bullets to a rhino!
The dumbest mistake most people make – and instantly how you can increase your chances of making double, even triple the income… Everybody who has had success used this one key component!
Discover how to knock out the phone fear and anxiety before you even get started… this will get you picking up the phone and having success!
Find the confidence to achieve anything you set your mind to – yes, even if you are shy, introverted and scared of your own shadow!
Implement this one strategy and it’s a proven fact you will become more successful – you actually must be successful you won’t have a choice…
Law of attraction – a simple technique that magnetizes qualified prospects towards you – that means no more chasing, begging, or pestering!
Discover what separates you from top industry leaders – and how you can immediately be like them – this includes the potential to earn income like they do…

When I first realized how small the gap was between the average person and top industry leaders – I was astonished – It was only a few small tweaks that you will discover in section one of The Art Of Phone Conversion that completely changed my income!
Immerse yourself inside this first section and you will only have one question left to ask yourself…

What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail… That is the power you will be holding within you…

As you wrap up section one you will be mentally powerful and eager to get on the phone and sign up new reps.

And we want you to start building your downline as fast as possible and that’s where Section Two Of The Art Of Phone Conversion comes in.

Here is just a small peek into the insights, strategies and methods that will be revealed to you in…
Section Two – The Words To Make You A Recruiting Master!

Dynamic ice breakers so you “never feel tonged-tied” and anxious – ones you can use on the phone, in person or on social media!
The drop out rate is over 50% in network marketing – Discover the single best way to get your reps to stick around long term and want to build a team…
The simplest way to signup a large number of reps and customers… without having to sell anything!
Now that you know what to do to finally have success in your business, it’s time to discover exactly HOW to do it.
What to listen for in every conversation… and when you repeat their words back to them, they will be asking how to join your team
Scripts for the exact questions I use everyday to sign up new reps – they are easily adapted to your business and ready for action.
You’ll pick up several breathtakingly easy ways to ask for the sale – all without feeling salesy
What kind of language will blow a sale right out of the water – even if your prospect is entering their credit card number!
Most have been taught to communicate wrong their entire life – finally discover the process of communications that results in getting what you want! (yes it works with your kids and significant other too)…
Dozens of ways to ask questions… get your prospect talking… and sign them up in the process – all in about 7 minutes!
What it takes to lead a conversation so you don’t get beat up on the phone… It’s so simple that children do it every single day!
When to ask for the sale and be able to seal the deal… If you miss your opportunity your prospect will tune you out and only hear white noise!
The right way to influence a person that reduces buyer remorse and increases the chance of your new recruit taking action.
The most common mistake when recruiting – it has been taught since the beginning of network marketing – but it doesn’t work.
Discover a simple guide to re approach your “Burnt Out” market… even if you pestered them 100 times you will still have a chance to sign them up using this!
The little-used technique to get someone to like you in the first 2 minutes… If aren’t getting them to like you in under 2 minutes you might as well hang up the phone yourself!
Building instant rapport is as simple as a game you played when you where 5…. Only top recruiters are pulling out this old school trick and using it in their favor!
Even if you’re a terrible closer you will be shown exactly how to recruit more than most top recruiters… and this method will help you build a bigger faster downline then even the best closers!
Set up the close properly by starting the conversation with this…If you miss this one critical step it doesn’t matter how hot your prospect is or what kind of script you have, they will run for the hills – Miss these questions and you will be unable to even start a conversation!
Prep your prospect by getting them to tell you a few little words and they will beg to see your company presentation… If they admit to this one little truth your signup rate increases by 90%!
Why you should be waiting to see if your prospect is even open until you have discovered the pain in their life… and gotten them to admit it!
A guided process through different scenarios and how to setup appointments to up your closure rate… (this includes hotel meetings, coffee shop meetings and online presentations)

A Simple Follow Up Plan To Explode Your Response Rates

A simple secret I stumbled upon to get a majority of people to call you back when following up – I still use it today to close $14,000 sales!

I remember it like it was yesterday, following up with a list of prospects I had already talked to.  At this point I was unsure of how many times to call or even what to say to them…

So I started testing different strategies – then it dawned on me– after I called a certain number of times and said a certain script on their voice mail my phone started ringing immediately. (Some of the people were calling before I had time to set my phone down.)

It was one of the most important methods I ever discovered…

It has helped me sign up an additional 29 New Reps Into My Company!

How to sound professional that increases your show up rate – reduces your wasted time – and get your prospect taking you serious!
Inject their pain points back into your closing statements that paints a picture for your prospect – doing this creates massive desire for your prospect to take action in your company!
How you can create an easy follow up plan where people look forward to hearing from you – no longer will it be weird or awkward!

Blast Out Objections Easily And Sign Up Your New Team Member

With one little secret you can overcome any objection set in front of you – objection handling will become second nature!
A simple process to overcome objections that will stop your prospect dead in their tracks and have them ready to take action – use this secret weapon and your prospect can no longer object!
Discover my secrets to a good close – not the hard close type of selling – but the ability to get your prospect to close themselves on your product!

Pretty amazing, don’t you agree?

But I know what you are probably thinking –

“Terry, I have no leads and no prospects to talk to.”

And that my friend is why I have decided to give you an entire section on lead generation…
Yes… I Am Going To Reveal To You 27 Different Ways To Get Qualified Leads And Prospects Ready To Join Your Team.

Discover Facebook’s hidden gold mine of targeted prospects ready to join your company – use this little trick and you will have note books full of people to call!
The Untapped treasure chest of twitter will deliver an endless stream of ready to join business builders to your inbox – this cool strategy works in less than 10 minutes per day!
Find qualified leads while getting your car washed or having lunch – most people overlook this simple lead gen secret!
If you can access the internet then I will reveal to you a breathtakingly easy way to get your hands on entire databases of qualified leads – these leads even like to talk on the phone… and with the phone skills you will acquire in this course – you might as well be saying hello to your newest team member!
This is just a small glimpse of the 27 different ways you will be shown to get leads and hot prospects for your business.

The best part –
Most Of These 27 Lead Generation Sources Revealed,
Won’t Cost You Any Money!
I could literally go on and on – for dozens and dozens of pages – about everything you will discover in this course and how it can help you instantly sponsor more reps and grow your downline.

I just want to provide you with enough proof to trust me that this course is the real deal… that I can truly help you (just like I have helped hundreds of others) build their businesses.
So What’s The Cost?
Look, the 5-step process you’ll learn in The Art of Phone Conversion contains every secret, every habit, every script I personally used to sponsor 192 reps in just 2 years.

With these resources at your fingertips, you won’t have to go through the trial and error that I did. You’ll hit the ground running… and you may even do better than I did.

So how much would you pay if you knew you’d have the exact system for sponsoring 2 new reps every single week?

Would that be worth $1,000 to you? Or $2,000? Maybe more?

I can tell you that 192 reps quickly turns into a LARGE income in network marketing… far more than $2,000.

But for a limited time, you won’t pay anywhere close that amount. You won’t pay $2,000 or even $1,000. You won’t even pay $500.

You can get the entire program for 2 payments of $167.

Or you can save 11% by making just 1 payment of $297.

Now I want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident in your decision to get my Art of Phone Conversion course, so that’s why I’m also offering a ridiculous…

Triple-Assurance Guarantee
Here’s how it works:

1. If you go through my course and you are not signing up 2 new reps per week…

2. If you do not get the results you desire, don’t feel more comfortable and confident on the phone…


3. If for some strange reason you’re just not happy with The Art Of Phone Conversion training…

Just let me know within the first 30 days and I will BUY BACK the course, no questions asked.

Every penny you paid will be returned to you.

As you can see there is absolutely no risk to claim your copy of The Art of Phone Conversion today…

The only real risk is if you DON’T take action today and miss out on this great training or have to pay more for it in the future.
Will you be the one who missed out
The one sitting in the back row watching everyone else
Caught on the sidelines with a failing business


Will you be the one rank advancing week after week –
The one walking the stage –
Building a massive downline –
Helping your team duplicate –
And achieving the success you truly deserve

 Terry Gremaux & Felicia Mupo- The Art Of Phone Conversion
Price: $297
You Just Pay:  $57
Home sale: https://thehashtaghunter.clickfunnels.com/art-sales-letter
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