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While many might claim to be – in reality there is only one TRUE JEDI-MASTER in the field of direct marketing… Ted Nicholas…
With over five decades, creating almost $6 billion dollars in direct cash-in-hand sales, using every conceivable marketing channel…developing business success after success…
Ted has now put together the direct marketers Jedi-Master guide – a brilliant marketing and business bible – “Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets.”
Packed with incredibly in-depth wisdom, and up-to-the-minute winning strategies and tactics online and offline – no smart marketer would start his next campaign without first referring to Ted’s gold-nuggets, sage advice, and timeless success principles.

In this power-packed 357-page manual you will discover:
The magical power of certain words.(Honestly, this gives you such an unfair advantage it shouldn’t be allowed!)
7 Secrets of great writing. (Can’t write? Don’t worry, neither could I! This could be a BENEFIT, not a disadvantage.)
Simple space advertising secrets that can bring you a fortune each week
12 little mailing tips that could make you a million dollars a year
Ten word headlines that can earn you a fortune
How to make $1,000 for each word you write. (100 words? $10,000. 1,000 words? One million dollars!)
The top ten mistakes in preparing sales letters – and how to avoid them
How a humble postage stamp could net you $63,000.00 a month!
A sure-fire tip that always increases sales
How to create a home-based self-publishing cash machine. (You’ll love this! Make ten times the money working one-fifth as hard!)
How to make an extra $2,000,000.00 profit on one mailing!
The secret to getting a 100% response

Plus you will also discover:
Why you are 17 words or less away from earning a fortune
Why emotional, right-brain words produce the highest response rates
How to instantly change your sales message in 10 seconds or less to increase response by as much as 2400%!
The 9 little-known secrets to a successful space advertisement (I have oftenchanged just ONE word in a client’s advert and doubled their response!)
How to prepare an appealing order form (including the exact words) that increases orders by as much as 10 times instead of using a typical ugly one that depresses response
The exact words you should use in preparing a money-back guarantee that will both increase sales and reduce refunds
How to slash space advertising costs by up to 80% (This incredible information alone will make your investment in BILLION DOLLAR MARKETING SECRETS inconsequential)
How to succeed using just the Internet (I’m appalled at how wrong people get this one!)
9 tips which keep people reading your advert instead of stopping so early you have no chance to sell your product or service
5 magic phrases that assure you get your envelope opened
How to prepare “killer” two-step adverts which can bring sacks full of money to your front door!
Three Magic Words that can increase response to your two-step ads by 3,000%
How to increase your average order value by 40%-60% without a penny of additional marketing costs
How to use inexpensive classified ads in print and on the Internet to bring in millions in profitable sales (I started my huge publishing empire with a simple little classified advert which I’ll share with you)

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