Taki Moore – The Clients By Christmas Campaign 2015
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Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will guarantee you start to see real results right now. More clients. More retention. More control.

The Clients By Christmas Campaign™
Cut and paste campaign to sign clients now
Right now, your prospects are hoping that next year will be better than this year. While most coaches have given up the hunt too early, we’ll tap into that motivation, and use it to sign you clients right now.
December is, hands-down, the best time of year to sign new clients. This cut and paste campaign makes it easy.
You can run this campaign at 3 times: 1) Between now and New Year’s. 2) In the week starting January 11. 3) At the end of January/start of February.

The Promo Pack™.
Ready-to-send emails to fill your Clients By Christmas webinar or live event.
To get people to register and attend your Clients By Christmas webinar or workshop, you need 3 professionally copywritten promo emails.
Written with Taki’s proprietary Promo Builder™, the campaign consists of a Problem email, a Promise email, and a Proof email.
Each email sets the scene, amps the importance, offers the reveal, bullets the benefits, and calls the action.
This 3-step campaign has been tested and proven to maximise webinar and event registrations.

The Stick Book™
Professionally designed workbook that increases your show-up rate.
After someone registers for your event (webinar or workshop), you’ll send them this Stick Book. It’s the workbook they’ll use on the webinar.
It’s stunning professional design, and the fill in the blank worksheets will show your prospects how important your session is going to be — dramatically increasing your show-up rate.
It also positions your value as a coach, boosting your conversion on the webinar.

The Pitchdeck™
Customisable slide deck designed to sign you clients.
You’ll be armed with a ready-to-present slide deck. Every slide is engineered to deliver maximum value, and maximum conversion.
It follows Taki’s Pitchdeck Process™, allowing you to teach & sell effortlessly — while delivering an incredible learning experience for your attendees.
The presentation is visually stunning so you look like a pro. You can download the Powerpoint or Keynote format, and it is fully customisable with your branding.
The slides also contain hidden presenter’s notes, so you’ll always know exactly what to say and be able to present with confidence.

The Presentation Walkthrough™
Slide-by-slide video walkthrough, so you present like a pro.
You’ll also get a ste-by-step video, walking you through every slide in The Pitchdeck™, so you know how to present it like a pro.
We’ll show you how much time to give to each section, how to unpack the master model, and how ask the 8 gap-stretching questions.
Finally, we’ll show you exactly what to say to get people to book into your ‘2016 Game Plan’ sales appointment, so you sign clients quickly and easily.

1. Keep clients over Christmas with the R5 Retention System™ $497
2. Give yourself a January jumpstart with The Preloaded Year™ $197
3. Scale your business with 2x VIP Tickets to The Million Dollar Coach Intensive™  $497
4. Sign up clients effortlessly with The Conversion Conversation™ $2000


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