Tad James & Adriana James - Marketing Your NLP Business
“Marketing Your NLP Business” is a BRAND NEW Marketing, Public Relations, Selling and Advertising training, targeted at growing your NLP Business. This is not Prac, MP & TT material repackaged for an NLP Business; it is purely the most up to date and forward thinking Marketing Techniques from Industry Leaders, applied directly to Growing Your NLP Business.

• Want to learn how to Market your own NLP Business using Advertising, Public Relations and Selling in tandem?
• Do you love Training and want more students?
• Are you ready to see clients and would like better strategies to attract them?
• Do you want to sell better whilst being more cost effective in advertising?
• Do you already have a good system and know you can do more?

For more than 25 years Tad & Adriana James have successfully used all of the mind sets, tools, techniques and skills that they teach to build an impressive business – Leading the world in Coaching and Teaching Time Line Therapy®, NLP, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching.

Their innovations have consistently delivered solid performance no matter what the market conditions. Not to mention getting enormous personal satisfaction from empowering people to perform at their peak.
Just a small example to show you how what you will learn will work for you – in the midst of today’s economic situation, in the last 12 months, we have attracted more students to our trainings now, then we have ever before – and basically so can you!

When you are at Marketing your NLP Business, Tad and Adriana will share with you some of the most important undeniable laws of marketing, public relations and sales that have allowed them to enjoy the kind of success that we all aspire to.
They have always had, and always will have a vested interest in YOUR Success because their mission, with your help, is to Transform the Planet.

Name Product: Tad James & Adriana James – Marketing Your NLP Business
Market price: $2800
Author: Tad James & Adriana James
Size: 9.46 GB
Website: https://www.tadjames.com/marketing-your-nlp-business/

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