Summer McStravick- Money Intuition 2014
14 of the World’s Top Spiritually Conscious E Money Intuition with Summer McStravick
14 of the World’s Top Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneurs Show
You How They’ve Created Successful, Independent, Income-Filled
Lives… and How You Can, Too!
Each of these women knows something that has allowed her to
leap ahead into a secure, independent, amazing life.

What are their secrets?
I want to know, so I’m on a quest to find out.
We have the power to manifest so many great things in our lives.
But what is the key to leaping ahead into a financially secure and wealthy future?
Some of your experts use intuition or Law of Attraction, some use good ol’ fashioned business building techniques … and some use a bit of both.
They ALL reveal everything they did to reach success. Listen and copy!

Join me if you:
• want to become one of those people just “know” where the money is found in life, and always has it pouring in
• are nurturing an idea for your own business, and want to know how to get it started, funded, and grown
• are already pretty successful, but you’ve hit a plateau and are ready to move up a level and GO BIG
• want to change your energy from LACK to ABUNDANCE…for good!
• want to see clear ways to keep new sources of income rolling in

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