Michael Breen – Story Telling Golden Keys

Michael Breen Story Telling Golden Keys. Story Telling Secrets – Become a Brilliant Story Teller
This training focuses on the fundamentals of storytelling.
You’ll learn Michael’s about your ‘story telling bucket’ and the tried and tested ways to improve your story telling skills.
If you want to become really good it starts with building solid foundations and becoming proficient at doing the Beginning, Middle and Ending of stories well.
Then it’s time to turn your attention to…
Story Telling Golden Keys

In this workshop you will learn:
How to gain and hold attention, while unpacking your story-wares.
Choosing your role in storytelling (there’s more than one…)
Basic structures and several story-devices which cover most storytelling and anecdote situations.
Using storytelling and anecdotage to increase what an audience or a listener remembers.
How to ensure that your audience connects with your stories and anecdotes.
Getting your listeners to jump to the right conclusions through effective use of inference.
Using sensory and cognitive priming to enhance the impact of your stories.
The role of Requisite Variety in state management while telling stories – both your won and your audience.
The seminar comes in both video and audio.

And finally…
Getting Magical With metaphors
metaphorical storytelling can be an incredibly powerful tool to have in your toolkit.
Once you’ve got solid competency with telling anecdotes, go ahead and review Storytelling Secret’s – Get Magical with metaphors.
This master class builds on everything else you will have learned.
The entire 2 hour training provided explicit strategy for how to use metaphors really well and how you can incorporate them in your everyday storytelling.
This is an wonderful tool to have for business, coaching or any form of presentation.

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