Steve G.Jones- Secret Spiritual Power

Secret Spiritual Power: The Master Speaks consists of 12 audio modules with over 20 hours of jam-packed content!
Part #1: Sense and Nonsense of the “Law of Attraction” – Here you will learn the truth about the Law of Attraction and why it only seems to work some of the time. As John dives deep into levels you’ve probably never even heard of regarding the Law of Attraction, he will also be revealing simple, practical tips you can use to begin leveraging it to your advantage as early as today.

Part #2: Past lives, future lives and alternate realities – Here John answers questions like “Have we lived before or are we just imagining other times and places?” He’ll also reveal the secrets behind how to tap into your “soul memory” and use that information and wisdom to make your current life happier and more successful.

Part #3: How to make time stand still – According to John, we can all use our natural abilities to “Bend the Arrow of Time.” Learn how to use your mind to slow time down or speed it up when you feel a need for it.

Part #4: Whispers from the Universe – Listen as John pulls back the curtain on the afterlife and those who’ve gone on; afterlife communications and mysteries of the “other side.” The curtain that separates our realities and the help we get from “beyond.

Part #5: The “cloak of invisibility” and the “power of silence” – Here John reveals the key to staying sane in an insane world and how to not be noticed when you need your silence and privacy. The ancient riches and gurus were well aware of this power.

Part #6: Dreams and the stories told in the night – How do dreams relate to our waking life? Is there any purpose or reason for them or are they just phantoms of a tired mind? They are just reality in a different level of consciousness and can be used for guidance and success.

Part #7: The Metaphysics of Money – Part A – Money is actually energy in motion. Why is it so difficult for many to get the amount they need or want, while it’s the easiest thing for some to acquire large amounts? The answer might astound you. Increase your share of this world’s wealth by understanding the “Metaphysics of Money.”

Part #8: The Metaphysics of Money – Part B – Here the discussion about money, how to attract it and how to manifest wealth continues. Since money is energy in motion, a knowledge of the laws of money make it simple (but not always easy) to acquire more than enough for our needs.

Part #9: Event Formation – From vaporizing clouds to vaporizing our problems. Clouds are like problems. Learn the strategy and methods of how to vaporize them and you could use the same techniques to rid yourself of your problems.

Part #10: The magic of the Morphogenic Field – Why do events that happen in one place seem to affect other events that occur in a totally unrelated place? How to tap into the Morphogenic (or Morphic) field to create more success and happiness.

Part #11: Intuition, Psychic Powers, Distance Healing, Remote Viewing and such matters of the mind – We are heirs to a tremendous degree of “powers.” By learning the ways to develop and use these abilities, we could have an amazing, positive effect on our lives and the lives of others.

Part #12: The Power of Belief and its Relationship to Perfect Happiness and Success – A general wrap up of why our belief system could imprison or free us and how we can change our belief patterns to be more positive, productive, wealthy and fulfilled.

“Get Ready….You Are Just
Seconds Away From Discovering Life’s Most Sacred Truths About Spiritual Connection To The Universe”
“Your Time To Learn Everything You’ve
Ever Wanted To Know About The Powers
Of Infinite Intelligence Is Finally Here”

Dear friend,
Do you ever feel as though there is a void or something missing in your life?
Are there areas of your life that you just can’t seem to excel at no matter how hard you try?
Do feel like maybe you might even be “doomed” when it come to these challenging areas?
Perhaps you just can’t seem to figure out the best career path for yourself…
Or maybe you can’t seem to get ahead financially…
Or maybe things happen to you that you just can’t put a reason behind…
Or perhaps you struggle with your weight…
If this sounds like something you can relate to, then I want to congratulate you for finding this letter because what I’m about to share with you will unquestionably change your life forever .
Are You Serious About Finally Learning
What It Takes To Achieve Happiness On All Levels?

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