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Finally! A Cold Email System That Actually Works – Guaranteed 80% Response Rate (Or It’s Free!)
In Just 90 Days, I’ll Transform You Into A Sales Superstar Who Never Needs To Cold Call Again
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Are you sick and tired of cold-calling prospects who hang up on you, tell you they’re not interested and make your job one big ball of frustration?
Salespeople have tough jobs.
I would know.
I used to be a salesperson.
I dealt with the frustration that comes with being a salesperson… every single day.
Like all salespeople, my least favorite thing to do in the world was cold-calling.
Now, maybe one in a million can make this work without going nuts, but I couldn’t.
That’s why I looked for other ways to get clients. Eventually, I realized that…
Cold Calling Is A Complete Waste Of Time

542740-0-23360398151923622258458476450nYou’re basically cornering a complete stranger and trying to convince him why he should listen to you.
Well, that’s the plan anyway. Instead, most days you just leave voicemail after voicemail.
If you do manage to get beyond the cold call, you’ve got the meeting where you show up but no one else does.
Problem is, you’re not gonna make a sale without a buyer.
If your buyer DOES actually show, you get to waste more time pitching and putting together a proposal (which restates what you already said in the meeting!) and send it in so it can sit on someone’s desk for weeks or months.
You never hear anything.
So you start the “follow-up game”.
But the problem isn’t the proposal.
The problem is that there was another meeting that no one told you about.
All you heard was that the folks you originally met with “had to run it by the boss.”
And guess what, that’s the meeting that no one wanted you at.
Now that person has to go and relay what you said to their boss.
You know how well that turns out.
You follow up like a desperate teenager looking for a date on a Friday night.
You might think all this sounds like a rant from a worn-out cynical guy.
But I’m not being cynical… because if you’ve sold anything in your life, you know this is the reality!
Frustrating, right?
As you know, there’s a lot of crappy stuff you have to wade through to get new business.
And dealing with those things every day just plain SUCKS.
Unfortunately, It Gets Even Worse!
Because if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to closing the sale, you will waste MORE of your time. You’ll end up working hard but you won’t get the business.
Instead, you work for months only to see the deal fall apart at the last minute.
Or you find out there are suddenly more people that have to sign-off on the deal.
Or the proposal just sits there with the buyer dragging his feet forever.
Or maybe you discover that there is a new competitor they are considering.
It’s just a big ball of fun, isn’t it?
I know.
I’ve LIVED this. And I’d still be living it if I hadn’t developed the System I’m going to show you today.
Tell me:
What If You Could Reliably Get Meetings With Decision Makers Without Ever Making A Single Cold Call?
Imagine waking up tomorrow with a full calendar of meetings with decision makers who actually want to meet with you and hear about what you have.
Imagine a life where “getting ignored” or having your time wasted by unqualified prospects never happens.
Imagine qualified customers and clients pretty much falling in your lap after a few emails.
Imagine never again having to follow-up with anyone!
To most sales people, this is a pipe dream. To most sales people, the reality of this business looks completely different than what I’m describing.
And if you happen to be a manager of salespeople, everything is magnified. Just imagine your entire team closing business left and right and having customers fall in their lap.
If you can’t remember the last time that happened in your company, then keep on reading!
This Might Sound Hard to Believe
In the next few moments, I’m going to reveal the System I’ve created.
I’m going to talk about how it works. I’m going to show you proof that it works, and then I’m going to give you the opportunity to put it to the test for yourself.
You can stop selling the way you’re selling, stop playing the traditional sales game (that totally sucks) and do something different… something better… something that actually WORKS.
You’ll never again wonder how to approach a qualified prospect cold…
You’ll never again struggle to quickly and efficiently laser target the true decision maker in any company…
Your chances of getting ignored or sent to “follow-up hell” will plummet to all time lows…
And you’ll never again get the “cold shoulder” or have a problem getting a meeting.
And you won’t even have to strong arm your way through the front door. Because pretty soon, you’ll have the opportunity to discover how to get senior management to roll out the red carpet for you and invite you in the back door for a meeting.
Your life could be like Carl’s life. He sent me this not long ago:
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Carl’s Testimonial

What’s going on here?

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Why the Buyers Are In Control and What You Can Do About It
Right now, tens of thousands of sales people all over the world are wasting their time looking for a way through “The Buyer’s Wall.”
You already know a lot about this wall because you’re most likely stuck trying to get through it right now.
You think it is going great until… bammm… out of nowhere the buyer says something and you start back at square one.
They’re in control and they know it.
And so it goes. Every once in a great while, you might make some progress… You might even sell something! But it’s hard, darn hard.
I was clueless about how to get through this wall for quite some time. And I have to say, getting stuck there sucks.
If you had the choice, you wouldn’t even venture near this. But we have to if we want new business. Or at least that’s what we THINK we have to do.
When you’re standing in front of “The Buyer’s Wall,” you are trying to pursue the prize (the sale) in a world that is stacked against you.
And the buyer is doing his best to keep that wall in between you and the sale strong.
You’re basically doing everything in your power to “trick” the buyer into saying Yes to what you have.
But most salespeople keep bumping into the same wall over and over again because they can’t even figure out who the right buyer is!
It’s a crummy feeling. It’s an awful lifestyle.
And if your well-being depends on your ability to generate leads and close business, then you know this feeling very well.
The whole “Buyer’s Wall” was a real mystery to me. First of all, no one ever tells you the rules of how to get through it. Second, very few people have figured out how to master it.
But I did. And the first thing I did after that was to make sure I never had to deal with it again.
I made up an entirely new way where I don’t have to do any of that garbage any more. I invented an entirely different way to get to the prize…
I want to show you how MY system works…
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Module 1:

How Most People “Lose the Sale” Before They Even Get Started and How to Avoid The BIGGEST of Mistakes

It’s really sad to watch, but it happens thousands and thousands of times each day. The quickest way to ruin your chances of a sale is to choose the wrong prospect.
This sounds obvious, but based on my experience training thousands of people, it’s one of the best kept secrets out there.
You must learn how to find qualified buyers or you will never make it in this business.
In Module 1, you’ll have what is really an unfair advantage with your understanding of how to approach your prospects (the right prospects) and minimize your chance of getting ignored or getting strung along.
By the end of Module 1, I basically “brainwash” you into never forgetting how to approach your opportunities from the perspective of your buyer. This needs to become your new way of thinking if you’re looking for big results from cold emailing. That’s why we start with this topic first.
If you are sick and tired of enduring endless “follow-up” and long sales cycles THIS Module will change your future

Here are just a few of the things you’re going to discover:

  • How to get your foot in the door without breaking a sweat! Most sales people get this wrong (without even knowing it). They end up sabotaging any chance of success before they even start.
  • An inside look at the “Buyer’s Game” and why most people fail when they go up against a buyer. If you’ve ever wished you had a pair of “X-Ray” glasses to see what your buyers are thinking, you’re in luck!
  • How to influence your prospect without them even KNOWING it! You don’t have to push, you just have to be smart.
  • Why buyers control the selling process and how you can succeed anyway!
  • How to find qualified leads on demand. Most people think it’s luck, but I’ve worked it into a science.
  • A step-by-step walkthrough where I take you behind the scenes on a $1 Million deal.

Module 2:

How to Predictably Attract Customers Who Want To Work With You

In Module 2, I’ll show you how to target better clients and customers so that you can spend your time with people who actually want what you have! Never again will you waste all your time on wild goose chases.
If you want to stop feeling like a “vendor” and start getting treated like a valued partner by your client, then you need to choose your leads carefully. This approach will help you do it.
We cover the best company for you to pick: small companies (under $10 million), large regional players ($10 – $500 million) or $500 million + to the Fortune 1,000
Discover the best verticals for your product.
Module 2 shows you how to find your most profitable clients (most people are extremely surprised at how much mental energy is required here to get this RIGHT), how to get the email address, and I walk you through case studies showing how to put the process into practice.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ll cover:

  • The smart and easy way to find qualified leads. (When you choose right, it makes EVERYTHING easier)
  • Picking the best customers for your business or product
  • How to find someone’s email addresses fast and free. You’ll discover the resources top sellers use
  • How to get inside your buyer’s mind with this easy online hack
  • Every step you need to pick the best people to target for your product
  • I’ll walk you through research case studies at companies like Apple®. Walmart® and Exxon®
  • 10 most common email formats used by Fortune 1,000 companies
  • When to pay for research
  • How to delegate research and the services to use
  • The only you make a cold call – “The Email Kicked Back” Technique
Here are 10 types of emails we go through:
  • Cold emailing your most qualified prospects
  • Cold emailing competitors of your customers
  • Partnership and Business Development emails
  • Emailing influencers – CEO’s bloggers and celebrities
  • When you already know who the decision maker is
  • When it is only 1-person
  • For a job
  • When you are a startup and need to do a proof of concept
  • When you have a new product or service and need
  • For funding – reaching Angel Investors, VC’s, Banks and Private Equity

Module 3:

The Entire Cold Emailing System™

In Module 3, we go very deep into prospecting and generating leads… plus I show you a very methodical process to master the most important part to make your emails effective. (If you’re not getting spectacular results when you generate leads this is the first place to look.)
By the end of this module, you’ll have everything you need to craft an effective email that’s clear, concise, interesting to your reader, and best of all… gets the outcome you want.
There is a TON of noise out there and it makes getting to your prospects very difficult if you approach them like everyone else. If you’re not getting generating leads it’s because you’re showing up like everyone else is showing up. You are getting ignored. By the end of Module 3, you will have a REAL secret weapon that will get you a response and consistently deliver results.

Here’s what’s inside Module 3:

  • Increasing response rates
  • Subject lines and getting them opened
  • A step-by-step deconstruction of how to send a cold email that works
  • Mastering point of view of the different readers
  • A little known secret to create mass desire: Intensity, Urgency, Frequency and Scope
  • The system you should follow for every cold email you send. Skip one of these parts at your own peril!
  • The most important part of building a crushing offer
  • How to craft your email pitch so you actually INTEREST your prospect in a way that no other email will
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes people make when writing a cold email. (Making even ONE can kill your chances.)
  • Creating social proof and credibility
  • Dangers of links and attachments
  • Tuning your pitch to customer feedback

Follow up game (why this isn’t an email problem)

A proven follow-up system after a meeting, demo, presentation, tradeshow or proposal
How to follow up without risking the deal
How to follow up after a cold call. This is a one-two punch
When you thought it was going great and for some reason they stopped responding. The close your file template gets an 80% response rate

There are also a few bonus techniques:

An easy email to get customer’s to refer you business
Natural networking and the power of reciprocity
Responding to leads – low hanging fruit and what to watch out for
Writing an effective email to your list
Leveraging your network to find often the most qualified buyers

Module 4:

How to Make Your Meeting Successful

Finally, in Module 4, I walk you through how to approach a meeting so you don’t come across like a pushy salesperson, but someone who is actually welcomed in and listened to with respect.
If you’ve ever felt like you’re not sure what to do next and that you have no control over the outcome when you are dealing with a prospect, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find in this module. I walk you through becoming a pro at actually getting the meeting scheduled with a true decision maker.
I prepare you for how to deal with the different responses you’re going to get and how to turn a NO into a YES.
By the end of Module 4, you will have a system to get the meeting you want to happen. It’s an amazing feeling when the prospects want what you have and can pay the fees you deserve.

By the end of this Module, you’ll understand…

  • The BIG difference between meeting in person vs. having a conference call or demo. You need to know which to choose for which situation
  • The 4-part email sequence and how to automate it
  • The three email scheduling sequence
  • Calendar invites (exactly what to include)
  • Why confirming meetings is a mistake
  • The Pendulum Theory and how to use it to work through any obstacle between you and your meeting
Get Access to 12+ Hours of Recorded Training Calls Where I Answer 184 Questions and Work on Real World Deals
Over the past few months, I’ve been building what you might call a training library of resources you can use to hear me coach you on how to apply each of the Modules to real world selling situations.
Inside this library you’ll find 12+ hours (and growing) of recording training calls where I go deep into each Module of the Cold Emailing System™.
If you have a question about how to boost the speed and size of your results, you’ll find the answer in these calls.
You’ll hear all about how to handle objections, deal with unresponsive prospects and more.
The goal here is to get this entire system EMBEDDED in your mind and soul so you can execute flawlessly without thinking.
That’s what immersing yourself in this training library will do.
I wanted to let you know that yesterday I wrote my template handed it off to one of our sales guys and he sent out the first “cold email” in your exact format […] and BINGO…it worked, got a response immediately with a referral name, now the referral email is out…..IMPRESSIVE!


BONUS_StempelHow to Guarantee 5 Times the Leads in Minutes!
When you enroll in the program before the deadline at the top of the page, you’re not actually enrolling just YOU. With your enrollment, you’ll be granted the ability to invite 4 additional Members to the program.
This makes it great if you’re on a team or have other people in your company that could use this to generate business.
You pay for ONE Membership and get the ability to “gift” 4 additional Memberships to friends, employees, colleagues or teammates.
But that’s not all. As a client of mine, your results will be guaranteed. That’s how confident I am in my program.

What to do with “objections” when you’re sending cold email.

Can you send more info? Why doing this is a trap and the bad news about your email pitch
We are working with a competitor. Turn this around into a meeting.
Not at this time. We will keep your information on file. What this really means and how to deal with it.
I forwarded it to the right person (but they didn’t tell you who). What to do in this scenario
Not Interested. How you reverse or why this can be a good thing.

The BIG difference between meeting in person vs. having a conference call or demo. You need to know which to choose for which situation.

What if they…prefer to talk over the phone?
When to push and when not to push
What if they…ask for a shorter meeting? Push back without risking the opportunity
What if they…cancel your meeting? How to reschedule fast and easy
What if they…forget or don’t show to your meeting? Why this is a good thing.
How to get your appointment back on track when they don’t respond. An easy email to send.