smjconet-  Red Hot Traffic Firestorm
Here are 4 powerful and extremely target-able traffic sources that you can tap into to generate all the buying traffic you’ll ever need.
These are evergreen traffic sources and have been around for years and aren’t going away.
You will get complete and detailed instruction on how to tap into each of these traffic sources and extract all the buying traffic you can ever handle.
Q – Are there any OTOs?
A – Yes there are 2 of them
The first OTO is a extensive continuation of the main course. and is priced at a very
low low $9
The second is a special half offer that I am going to leave as a huge surprise.
Q – Is the course complete or do I need to buy the OTOs to make it work?
A – The course is complete all by itself and the OTOs enhance it and make it even
Q – Is this paid traffic?
A – It’s Free traffic and nearly unlimited. One method I give you’d have to pay about $15 to start our,
but would get that back right away with sales. All others are completely free.
Q – How much can I make per Month using this traffic.
A – I’m talking about sources that have millions of unique and targeted traffic in any niche you can
imagine. So, the amount of money you make is dependent on how well your pages convert and
your action.
Q – How long are the course videos?
A – The videos area bout 10 to 15 minutes each and total run time is about an hour and 10 minutes.
Q – How long is the pdf?
A – The PDF Transcript is 61 pages long and also contains the important images as well I put it together myself so there would be nothing lost.
Q – How soon to have this up and running?
A – You can go through everything and be up and running today and bringing traffic today.

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