Shawn Walker – The Craigslist Recruiting Machine
Shawn Walker – The Craigslist Recruiting Machine
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If you desire more targeted leads and reps for you network marketing company that actually want to hear from you… without chasing your friends, family members or having to rely on the 3ft rule – then keep reading
because this letter will show you how…
Allow me to tell you a story – My name is Ryan and I’ve been in 5 Network Marketing companies and have completely failed in every one of them.

First I must tell you that I am not an mlm coach or trainer, I am not a top earner in network marketing – in fact I am not even great at network marketing… my profession by trade is an airline pilot…

If You Want To Get A Steady Flow Of Leads And Signups Into Your Network Marketing Business I Can Show You Exactly How I Have Been Able To Generate 135 Leads And Signup 7 New Reps In Less Than 27 Days… And How You Can Do It Too!
The best part I was able to do all of that in less than 1 hour per day!
When I first began in network marketing the only person I could sign up was my girl friend – I was terrible – mostly because I was introverted – I moved around a lot due to being a pilot and didn’t have much of a warm market.
And let me be the first to tell you there was no way in hell I was going to walk around and talk to every person within 3ft of me.
First – I would never be comfortable doing that, and second – that is not much of a business if you ask me. To be honest I didn’t even want to talk to my friends and family – I know you may be thinking that I should get help from my upline and learn to recruit friends and family…
Again – My personal opinion only –I don’t think you can build a sustainable business by just recruiting friends and family members…
Plus I didn’t want to spend my nights, weekends or any other time for that matter in hotel meetings or at someone’s home meeting… If you want to build your business entirely with friends, family and doing home meetings – the methods I am about to reveal, will probably not be for you.

What I was in search for was a system of some sort – one I could do while I was away flying – one that didn’t take a lot of time – was simple and more importantly…
A System I Could Show My Team To Create Duplication Without Having To Hold Hands Or Spend Countless Hours Training People That May Or May Not Do Well In My Business.
You may have felt these same frustrations- you sponsor a new rep spend hours maybe even days training them and then suddenly… Nothing – you never hear from them again… what a waste of time would you not agree?
I figured there had to be a system out there – There are systems for everything in today’s automated technological world. I guess me being a pilot makes me search for these types of systems to help reduce workload and simplify our lives. So I went on an all out search (using the internet) to find better ways to build my network marketing business…
I needed targeted leads that wanted to hear about my mlm company and I needed a way to sponsor those leads onto my team.
I spent what seemed like an eternity wading through the nonsense and misinformation before I stumbled across something that I thought might even slightly work.
To My Surprise After All My Searching My new Found Secret For Success Was Right Under My Nose…
I met a fellow airline pilot who was in network marketing and having success – he was able to get targeted leads, recruit reps and create duplication on his mlm team.
He showed me his back office and I saw his results first hand – he had recruited 27 people and his team added an additional 45 people in less than 3 months.  I was shocked – most of the time when I hear peoples results they are embellished and inflated.
At first I was skeptical of his results until he showed me his account and I could see his entire tree of mlm reps.
Once the amazement settled in I asked how he was able to recruit and sponsor new reps and what was his secret.
The Secret Is Simple He Said – There Are 2 Key Points.

#1 you must have the right audience
#2 you must have the right positioning. Lets first explore the right audience – most people do this very wrong because friends, family and people at the mall are rarely the right audience.
As a Network marketer your goal is pretty straight forward – you must find people that love your product and want to buy it…
And you want to find people that desire a better life – that could mean more money – more time and a better way to create income – or at least a secondary way to make money. When you’re trying to find people that are searching for ways to make money and improve their life by looking for new job – wouldn’t it make sense to go right after those people.and That Right There Was My AHA Moment
I was talking to people that had zero desire to create more money.
What he said next was even more of an AHA moment – he said “how you recruit people looking to make more money is by finding the people who are posting resumes and are currently searching for new jobs”. But you can’t stop there he said “you must have the right positioning, people often mess this up really bad…
If you want to do this the most effective way possible, make people apply to work with you – make them apply like it’s a job… because you are the CEO of your mlm team so why not recruit the exact people you want?

At that point I felt like my mind just exploded – it suddenly became clear as day…
Treat my business like a hiring firm – find people that are in search of ways to make money – make them apply, which also qualifies them and make them go through an application process. And my new friend also added in “if you take your prospects through an application process you will save a ton of time because some people won’t make it through your entire process which helps weed people out. Essentially what you left with are the people that are a good fit for you team, for your company and for your products…
And if you ask me those are the type of people you want on your mlm team, would you not agree with that, he asked?” “However – there is one other key component when using this system” he said…

it must be simple for people to go through the application and even more importantly it must be simple to duplicate… You want your mlm team to be able to duplicate this process without being overwhelmed by technical nonsense”…
This Information Was Like Slap Across The Face –
I Was Anxious To Discover His Recruiting Secrets
And How He Used This System,
I wanted it right now especially since it’s simple to put into action and simple for my team to duplicate– so I asked my fellow airline pilot how I could get my hands on his recruiting system…

He said simple – I have a training online that will walk you step-by-step through the entire setup and process.
I Immediately Invested In His Training
And Within 27 Days Of Owning It I Had
135 Leads And Recruited 7 Reps Onto My Team.
Before I tell you what the training is called I should introduce you to the creator and the guy responsible for my success…
His name is Shawn Andrew Walker, lead generation expert and online business consultant.  Shawn is The Creator Of The Craigslist Recruiting Machine – the very product that has completely changed my business.
You have a unique opportunity today to invest in your business just like I did by purchasing The Craigslist Recruiting Machine, and when you make that investment here is just a peak of the success secrets you will discover inside:

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