Shaqir Hussyin - Traffic Mastery Intensive
Here’s what it’s all about:
Uncovering your responsive audience, structuring a great irresistible offer, adding targeted traffic the way I teach you, and using what seems like Invisible Selling to sell more of your products and services, generate more leads, and make more damn money.
You’re here because you own an online business and you want to get more customers, generate more leads, and build a hyper-responsive list.
This is something I specialise in, my list is tiny compared to some of the biggest guru’s online, yet I generate more revenue each month than most of them with a 200,000 list.
You see I’ve figured this whole thing out at the tender age of only 26.
Now I’m on a mission to help a “Select Few” take advantage of what I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars learning about….You ready, let’s get started…
Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you join Traffic Mastery Intensive:

Module #1: Mastering: “Getting Money”
Pay close attention to what I’m about to say because this is crucial to your success. You can buy all kinds of “how to courses” and attend seminars.
However until you master the inner game of money, you will never… let me say it again… You Will NEVER Be Able To Make The Big Bucks!
This is probably one of the most important things you can learn, that will allow you to create huge wealth almost effortlessly, even if you never master all the marketing skills.
You’ll discover how to unleash and harness your personal power to quickly attract and build wealth, without struggle, pain and sacrifice.
I’m going to reveal the lessons I learned from my $50 Million Mentor and how they’ve helped turn me into the youngest Internet Millionaire today.
As a matter of fact; if you don’t master these, you’ll needlessly continue to work harder, struggle, sacrifice and pay a nasty price… and not even come close to realizing the kind of income and lifestyle you’re dreaming about.

Module #2: The Top Earner $100K/Month Earner Solo Ads Master Class
I’m going to teach you the fastest way to get as much laser-targeted traffic as you can possibly handle.
Literally with a push of a button. As you probably already know by now I am the most trusted expert when it comes to getting Solo Ads.
I’ve founded the #1 Done-For-You Traffic Agency for the Home Business Industry and have helped THOUSANDS of people get more traffic to their websites.
Including a number of big names who have spent a small fortune on sending them boatloads of traffic, that has made them Millions of Dollars in product sales and affiliate commissions.

Module #3: Email Marketing Mastery – The $10,000 PER DAY System AKA The Push-Button Money & Automated Recruiting Formula
Most people can talk about e-mail marketing, I write daily to my list and with good reason…
EACH e-mail is worth $10,000 – $15,000 to me. Now, you know why I e-mail you everyday.
The very first thing you’re going to discover is the most powerful money-making skill in the world.
How To Write Killer Emails That Produce Huge Sales And Income
Picture for a moment being able to make over $10,298.89 PER DAY… all with a push of a button. I’ll reveal all the components needed to make this work for you… (even if you are a total brand-new newbie!)
I’ve been doing it consistently, every single day this year. So this is not some bullshit theory. I have fine-tuned and perfected this process to a tee and will reveal to you my secret sauce to “Getting Money On Demand.”
Look, while many brag about their ability to build a list, very few know how to really monetize it. And even less generate over $10,000 A DAY with simple emails like I do.
Here’s what you’re going to discover in this Module…

My personal $10,000+ per day email marketing formula… how to write super compelling emails WITHOUT being a highly skilled copywriter.
How to quickly and easily form unshakable trust with your list… once you know how to do it, they’ll be eating out of the palm of your hands.
The secret to creating a hyper-responsive list… you’ll get my simple process that will allow you to segment, cultivate and nurture a large number of cold leads into actual buyers.
How to escape writer’s block for good and never freeze at the thought of what to write in your emails… you’ll get my 30 “Fresh Cold Subscribers Into Buyers” professionally written e-mail follow-up templates. Simply fill-in-the-blanks and put your sales and income generation on complete autopilot.
Little-known psychological triggers that will boost your open rates and skyrocket your conversions… that means more money in your pocket every single time you hit the “SEND” button.

Just imagine every time you want to create extra cash. All you need to do is quickly whip up an email (in just minutes) and hit the send button.
That’s it. You can take the rest of the day off if you’d like, and watch the money start pouring in each and every time.

Module #4: FB Traffic Crusher System
In this module you’re going to get the skinny on what really works on Facebook. Proven methods and tactics of using Facebook PPC to create HUGE PAYDAYS and quickly explode your affiliate marketing, network marketing, home business or just…

Module #5: Banner Ad Profits System
Here’s exactly how you can build your business on a shoe-string budget.
Using a virtually unknown banner ad profit system. Here’s what you’ll discover inside module 5:

Module #6: Instant Authority Money System
How Would You Like To Start Raking In More Money In ONE HOUR Than Most People Make In A Month… Or Even In A Year?
In this Module you’re going to discover how to use the power of webinars to create an instant cash-flow surge in your business.
The tips, strategies and fill-in-the-blank money making templates you’ll get in this Module ALONE are easily worth 5x your tuition cost of the entire Traffic Mastery Intensive.

Module #7: High Ticket Selling Secrets
In this Module I’ve invited my personal student and my top sales guy who has personally closed over a Million Dollars in high ticket programs over the phone.
And together we’ll teach you how YOU can too.

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