Seth Ellsworth – Breakthrough Challenge Maximum
Seth Ellsworth – Breakthrough Challenge Maximum
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Achieve More Real Growth In the Next 30 Days than You Did in the Last 30 Months… Without Changing Anything in Your Business
Even If You Are Prone to Inconsistency, Procrastination, Avoidance, and Overwhelm

Dear Business-Minded Friend,
Chasing down and running your dream business can be rough. The cost is high and the progress you want can be slow and painful.
Makes you doubt it’ll ever happen.
So you push harder… and end up grinding so hard… Hustling so much that there’s nothing left in the tank to give to the ones you care about most if they’re still around.
The toll adds up. On your body, your mind, and your relationships.​
Something’s got to give.​
What do you do to hold it all together so you can keep growing toward your targets without losing it all? Without giving up?
You’ll never guess how simple it is to snap out of it and achieve more in the next 30 days… No matter what you’re going through right now.

So  What’s Slowing YOU Down?
Are You…
Frustrated because you feel tapped out? You don’t know what to do to get more out of yourself. People are relying on you.
Stressed out about your business? How are you going to handle the stress? Is it that fear of success or impending doom?
Nervous that business is going so well (or not)? Something has to break. Will it be you?
Successful in the office but stressful at home? Are you scared they can’t handle this much longer?
Comparing yourself to others who have it all? As if they’ve unlocked some secret code. You wish someone would let you in on it already?
Feeling exhausted and embarrassed? Can’t get yourself to do the important stuff? You know you should do them but nothing works.

Constantly choosing between family and business got you feeling guilty? How long can they put up with this life?
Keeping your internal doubts a secret? What would happen if they were to find out?
Grinding away the best years of your life? Wish you didn’t have to sacrifice everything you care about? The payday seems so far away and the kids aren’t getting younger.
Running on empty at the end of the day? Nowhere to fill up your tank before it’s time to start over the next day?
Hustling but nothing changes? You know the pace is killing you and the stress adds up.
Sitting at the top and wondering now what? Winning didn’t mean as much as you thought?

REASON 1: Anyone Can Appear As If They Are “Expert”
There are marketing formulas and processes that make brand new experts look expert regardless of their history, talent and skill. And they are really effective.
Sometimes they may get overconfident and charge a lot of money based on value they’ve never been able to provided before.
But your results fall flat.
How would you like to be the first person a brand new surgeon cuts open? Sure, they’ve got to start somewhere, but in that scenario it would cost the same for a 30-year veteran.
But hey, nobody’s good at everything. Not everyone is meant to be an expert coach, even if they want to.
Michael Jordan is the best NBA basketball player ever, but he can’t play baseball.
I’m no different. I suck at a lot of things. I am NOT a scholar, scientist or research fellow. I can hardly teach my son how to tie his shoes.
However, I am world-class at a few things that are relevant to you right now…

Creating simple and unique ways to deliver big results fast.
Providing new tools and experiences anyone can use.
Delivering only the value that matters. Even if nobody is talking about it. No useless regurgitated fluff.
Waking up the sleeping superhero inside you.

Am I an expert? That’s for you to decide.
Even if you’re good at something, who is the judge of what is expert or not? You are. Not me.
You make that judgement based off of your own results and NOT the fancy content.
Luckily for you, I had the skill, the talent and the guts to do something nobody has ever done before. That meant putting in 51 months of testing and proving these new concepts. THEN 567 hours of work to create this.
Why did it take so long? Because I created something no “expert” or coach has dared try before. It’s the simplest and most powerful solution in the world for creating real change fast.
And it’s finally right in front of you.​

REASON 2: The Over-Complication is Crushing You…
Regurgitated, repackaged, rehashed information has consequences that we all suffer from.
Powerfully simple concepts and principles get lost in the noise and useless complications. The results you want get lost too.
Because of the “expert industry” the market is full of complication and overwhelm that does you no good.
Different names for the same or similar stuff.​ Fancy packaging for simple concepts.
You don’t need 19 pretty steps that all start with “C” to change your life. You need one.
So why the other 18 steps when you only need one?
Because they think the complicated fluff makes the “expert” look smarter. And it provides more content to sell.
But you don’t want content. You want results.
How Do You Sniff Out the Fluff in the Marketplace So You Can Get to the Stuff that Really Creates Results?
Sadly, you can’t without the proper experience to know what works and what doesn’t. That’s the problem nowadays. So most people go the trial and error route.
What you should be looking for is SIMPLICITY.​
Simple is the sign of an expert. One who has put in the time.
That’s why SIMPLE is the only thing that you should care about.​
Like Leonardo Da Vinci says, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” I agree. You should too.
We are starving for simplicity. We are starving for results that last.
What’s Your Choice? Complicated or Simple?
You can do the complicated way you’re used to and get the same results. Or you can do the simple way I show you.​ Up to you.

Here’s What Your Personal Breakthrough Challenge Experience Includes…
ONE front-row seat to the 30-Day Breakthrough Challenge™ Experience… that’s really all that matters. You’ll have the best view in the house to sit and watch the results appear on the stage of your own life.
The daily playbook set to the pace and setting of your own life and the convenience of your inbox. One per day for 30 days. The entire experience is fed to you in bite-sized pieces each day using the comfort and familiarity of your personal inbox.
7 hours of what some call “the Real-Seth Experience.” Engaging live to camera videos infused with cutting-edge simple, transformational nuggets you can’t find anywhere else. Each are spoon-fed perfectly like a pro.
20 neat and clean downloadable PDF transcripts that you can study at your convenience to strengthen concepts and review quickly.
21 convenient downloadable MP3s to take and listen at your convenience… take it on the road, or for a ride or while you’re working out to further cement you breakthrough.
7 step by step PDF workbooks that profoundly deepen your experience and lock in your results without you trying to think too much and second guess.

Weekly group coaching calls with Seth to get personal attention and custom questions answered. This is the secret sauce that glues everything together. These calls are with me. They will answer all your questions, inspire you and customize the experience to fit your needs. You will learn and grow from each other.
Built-in accountability on a level that you’ve never experienced before. Worried about fizzling out? You can’t. This never-been-done-before accountability will keep you engaged, anticipate your needs, and answer your questions. As if you thought I’d let you become a statistic. Nope. We make it through together. Nobody left behind.
Choose your own adventure pace and timing. Nobody’s experience is the same. This is YOUR experience so I built the structure with flexibility to support that. Call a timeout. Hit the pause button. Sit back and go at your own pace.
100% support to smash the results with you. We’re just a few clicks away any time you need us. Either me or my team will get back with you about any question you can possibly have.
How does all of this play out exactly? You’ll have to get your ticket to find out. Click the button below to jump onboard now. You won’t regret it.

Register Now and You’ll Also Get ALL of These Bonuses Cued Up For You
2 FOR 1! Get ONE FREE Buddy Pass to the Breakthrough Challenge™ ($1,000 value)
That’s 2 for 1 pricing. As you go through, you’re going to want to share this experience with others. You now can, for free.
With one golden rule… don’t give away the “secrets” of the experience itself because it will spoil it for others.
You can give it to anyone you wish or no one at all. They will get the same level access you have using a single-use personalized coupon code.
Until now… No private client has EVER received ALL of the nuggets below and when they did, it cost them $1500 EACH to hear it.
You get them FREE.

The 5-word Fix ($1500 Value)
Ever get derailed in the middle of the day? Lose momentum? Procrastinate? Overwhelm? Perhaps the most powerful phrase you will ever learn.
It’s literally a trump card for procrastination, overwhelm, laziness, lack of control… it taps a well or strength on demand that puts mind over matter whenever you need it to so you can keep momentum and achieve more.
Just 5 words. Want them?
These words alone have been the catalyst behind massive client gains. Like Chris Dufey (see video below).

The Preacher of OZ ($797 value)
Taken from the vault that shouldn’t see the light of day.
This video footage is from a speech I did at a conference that business owners invested $797 plus airfare, lodging and their time to attend…. is the single most hated AND loved talk in a line up of world class speakers.
They said I sounded like a “preacher”… which is funny because I’m not a preacher, nor do I go to a church with preachers… but the talk will move you.

The Mute Button ($1500 Value)
Sometimes the pressure and noise we feel as business owners gets deafening.
Ever wish you had a mute button that you could press any time you needed some mental space to get stuff done and focus?
This is the closest thing to it.
A simple but life changing and profound exercise that will shatter your current paradigm and replace it with one that has a mute button for the madness of entrepreneurship.

Freedom in One Sentence ($1500 Value)
If you were given just one sentence and were told that one sentence MUST radically change your life overnight, what would it be?
You’ll find out.
This is where I’ve been accused of using magic tricks.
But it’s not a magic trick. It’s predictable and common sense and radically simple (which is why it works).
It will make achieving more than ever a natural thing for you.

T Triangles ($1500 Value)
This is the single most popular training in the entire Breakthrough Challenge™ playbook because just one look at the triangles and the core hidden principle that powers the challenge is immediately understood.
For once, you will understand WHY you’ve ever failed or fallen short and the simple thing you must do to make the results you want inevitable.
These triangles are either hurting you or helping you but they are always in play whether you are aware of them or not. It’s time to become aware of what’s really holding you back.

Core Leveling ($1500 Value)
Ever blamed mistakes or bad habits or blunders on your human nature?
There is massive power in your human nature. But nobody is teaching how to tap into it.
What if you took your human nature and bent it to work for you instead of against you?
Core leveling is how you do it. It’s awesome and you won’t hear it anywhere else.

Leveraged Change ($1500 Value)
Ever wished that there was some way to just simplify personal growth?
There is.
You’ll learn how to use one simple lever to unlock a flow of growth you can’t stop across all areas of your life.
This is the one hack to rule them all and you won’t hear it anywhere else.

You on the Wall ($1500 Value)
This is the simplest exercise with the most profound affect I’ve ever come across.
The clarity you will capture is palpable.
You’ll feel a bit like Snow White. Not going to tell you any more. You’ll have to experience it first hand.

Ingredient X ($1500 Value)
Colonel Sanders would roll over in his grave. I’m giving away the secret ingredient.
Hidden behind the glitz and glamour of the successful people you admire is a journey marked by turning points.
How do you create your own turning point and do it on demand?
There’s only one ingredient and nobody talks about it. You just need to know how to access it.

The Roller Toaster ($1500 Value)
It’s no secret the life of a business owner has ups and downs like a rollercoaster.
Problem is our reaction to the ups and downs actually makes it impossible to recover and regain control.
Understanding the “roller toaster” will hand you back control when you need it while having fun during the ups and the downs.

The Purpose Tracks ($1500 value)
Ever wondered “what’s my WHY” or “Who am I?” or “What’s my purpose?”… Me too.
Problem is the entire universe is asking the wrong questions and therefore nobody is getting the right answers and everyone feels frozen in place. The wild goose chase for the answer is never-ending and complicated. There’s a reason for that.
The “purpose tracks” is a simple framework that offers a complete reset on the biggest questions in life. It will move you forward faster with more clarity than you’ve ever had in your life.

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