Name Product: [b]Selling More by Talking Less [/b]
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Instructor:  [b]Bob Marx [/b]
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If You Want Something Different – DO Something Different!
Need To Close More Sales? ?
Frustrated With Results?
Ready to Try Something New?
If You Want
Something Different
We Have to DO
Something Different!
Improve your sales skills with sales promotion, mastering sales calls, mastering sales meetings, sales persuasion skills, cold calling skills, closing sales and more.
The professionals who make big things happen all have 2 things in common:
A willingness to look at ideas – maybe in a different way
And the ability to take action!
When we sound like everyone else… We get treated like everyone else.
Then we are forces to sell on price.
Get The Edge – Take All The Pressure Off!
Learn the Mindset – Strategy – Technique and make it happen on purpose.
Take Control of what happens next.
What we are aware of we control – What were un-aware of controls us.
All too often we find ourselves in a no-win situation. We end up working very hard hoping the actions we take and the moves we are making are getting us one step closer to the sale.
Only to discover in the end we have been working very hard for free. That the person we believed to be a good-fit prospects was nothing more than a suspect…
Inside Selling More by Talking Less we will be coaching to the Mindset – Strategy- Technique that will allow us to separate the who from the what.
After all what good does it do to deliver excellent customer service to someone who has no intention of buying?
As we work our way through the program we will also dig into the diary of a wimpy sales guy. This section is filled with some hard lessons learned over a 10 year period. Mistakes that were made over and over again that cause many of us to work harder than we have to and ultimately miss sales we should be closing.
Find out what these lessons are so you don’t make them.
We will also be covering the soft close for the hard sale. This is the exact model I shared with a non-sales coaching client that allowed him to take his initial conversations and transform them into a 1 call close…
All without ever feeling as thought he was being pushy or behaving like a stereotypical salesperson.
Make it easy for people to get out of their own way, open up to you about what’s really going on and see you as the professionals they need to be working with.

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