SayICan - Dragon Naturally Speaking Video Guide
The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Video Guide is a video presentation that runs on your computer, designed for both new and experienced users of Dragon for Windows software. In the Video Guide, author Dan Newman guides you visually through key topics and skills, demonstrating expert techniques and insider secrets. For all editions of Dragon 11, 12, and 13.

Watch just what you need and skip right to the material you want with thirty-three lessons covering all Dragon NaturallySpeaking topics and skills. Dan shows you how to fix mistakes quickly, automate tedious tasks, browse the Web hands-free, boost accuracy, and more. Topics covered include:

Key techniques to boost accuracy
Automating your work with command macros
Format text and browse the Web by voice
Create custom voice-activated forms
How to dictate and correct most effectively
Dictate with a portable digital recorder
Top tips for healthy computing
…and much more!

Volume I: Using Dragon Part I

1. Installation and Training (6 minutes)
2. Starting to Dictate (3)
3. Quick Tour (4)
4. DragonBar Menus (8)
5. Moving and Selecting (5)
6. Editing by Voice (7)
7. Formatting & Punctuation (7)
8. Spelling & Numbers (7)
9. Correcting by Voice (10)
10. Correcting: Alternate Method (6)
11. Using Word (9)
Volume II: Using Dragon Part II

1. Using E-mail (7)
2. Using the Internet (5)
3. Using Excel (5)
4. Tips for Speaking and Dictating (5)
5. Hands-Free Computing (9)
6. Mouse Control by Voice (5)
7. The Command Browser (4)
8. Improving Accuracy (5)
9. The Accuracy Center (17)
10. Options Settings (18)
11. Healthy Computing (3)

Total running time (Volumes I and II): 2 hours 43 minutes
Volume III: Mobility & Efficiency

1. Overview & Shortcuts (6)
2. Text and Graphics Commands (12)
3. Step-by-Step Commands (11)
4. Macro Recorder Commands (3)
5. Editing Commands (3)
6. Creating Templates (7)
7. Dictating Legal Citations (1)
8. Recorder Setup (9)
9. Recorder Use (7)
10. Delegated Transcription (13)
11. Roaming Users (8)

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