Everything You Need to Start Selling T-Shirts Now!
How much money am I going to need to invest to get started?
None! After you invest in the ‘6S Kit’ – you don’t actually need any additional money up front. You are going to be running Facebook ads and Facebook will actually give you a first time budget of up to $25 before they even charge you. So you are going to have plenty of advertising money to start selling shirts without paying a dollar up front!
Plus, if you have never used Facebook Ads before, the ‘6S Kit’ will explain how to run an additional $50 in Facebook ads for only $10! So technically you will be able to run up to $75 in ads for only $10 up front! That should be plenty of money to find a winning shirt and start making tons of sales!
How do you know it works?
I know because I tried it, of course! I actually tried Teespring first and had no success! My problem was that I would spend hours coming up with a shirt idea and designing it and then I would list it for sale. If it didn’t sell, I would keep throwing my money into more ads because I REALLY didn’t want to have wasted all of that time and effort creating a shirt only to toss it!
It was a horrible combination. I started searching for an alternative and found Sunfrog. My first week on Sunfrog I made over $850 in commissions. Now before you get too excited, I am not saying that you can make $850/week with Sunfrog. This is just how much I made my first week. I was so excited about the possibilities and the number of shirts that I had access too that I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t do anything except find shirts, make ads and test them.
How much time did you have to invest for numbers like that?
Honestly, I did have to invest a good amount of time. After all, I had to find shirts that I liked and wanted to sell and I had to create image ads for each shirt, write the ad, and get everything organized. I would say it took me well over an hour to prepare each shirt that I wanted to sell. With that said, you won’t have to spend hours and hours finding shirts and creating images ads because I have done it all for you.
What do you mean I won’t have to invest all of that time?
That’s the great thing about the ‘6S Kit’ – I’ve already done all of the prep for you! The kit includes 130 SHIRTS READY to go. For each shirt there is a link, ad copy and three image ads for Facebook. All you have to do is pick the shirts you like and want to sell and post the ads! The guide will walk you through this step-by-step. Plus after you are done with 130 shirts and you want new shirts, I offer new shirt-packs on a weekly basis to anyone that has found success and wants to re-up!
Are there any other benefits of the ‘6S Kit’?
Are you kidding me? I am literally saving you $100’s if not $1000’s in design fees, advertising costs and countless hours of your time with this product. Everything is completely set up for you and ready to go. All that you have to do is read the guide and follow the steps – that’s it! It’s so easy, even an idiot can do it!
The ‘6S Kit’ has 13 Folders – Organized into Different Categories.
Each Category Has an Average of 10 Shirts – 130 Shirts Total!
Each Category Has an Average of 10 Shirts – 130 Shirts Total!
Each Shirt’s Folder has 3 Image Ads Inside – Ready for Facebook.
That’s a lot of stuff…
I know it is – there are 130 SHIRTS to choose from. Let me say that again – 130 SHIRTS ready for you to start selling now! And those are just the files that come with the ‘6S Kit’. The guide that comes in the kit is an incredible tool that you can use to walk through the process step-by-step to start selling! It doesn’t matter if you already know what you are doing or you have never done anything like this before. The guide even shows you how to set up a Facebook page and Facebook ads!

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