Ryan Deiss – Facebook Adpower Complete
Why advertise on Facebook anyway?

Well, higher traffic especially at the 5pm and after mark. Highly targeted audience, easy way to communicate with your followers, and a very lucrative and positive ROI – if you do it right.

One case study involving a company called CM Photographics spent $600 on advertising on the Facebook platform and it returned a revenue of $40,000.

Facebook is THE Google contender and what fun it is watching them advance into the new world of stifled communications and governments PITA SOPA and other such means of censorship and privacy rights violations. We willingly give these two all our personal information and they use it to serve us.

Facebook has a more unique setup for the marketer to target their potential customer and boy – does it work and work well.
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Facebook is a different cat than Google and they have their own rules and if you don’t adhere to their guidelines you can get snuffed out. Facebook is quite forgiving but people can be banned for life so – make sure you know their rules first.

Facebook Ad Power shows all the things you need to do right and tips and tricks to get effective, über targeted, cheap traffic. They have done all the testing and spent a lot of money to come up with what works and what doesn’t. This product is worth the money just on the hours you will save yourself having to figure it out.

This course is being taught by Dr. Ben Atkins.

Completely redone for 2014 and in keeping with the internet speed warp it reflects the new Facebook. Its worth all the nickles they are asking for it. Do yourself a favor and watch the video about Facebook Ad Power

Name Product: Ryan Deiss – Facebook Adpower Complete
Market price: $497
Author: Ryan Deiss
Size: 600 MB

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