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This Is The Most Profitable Customer-Getting Campaign We’ve Ever Created…

Does your business have a funnel?
Better question: Do you even know what a “conversion funnel” is?
In case you don’t, here’s a quick definition…
A funnel is a multi-step, multi-modality campaign that seamlessly and subtly leads a prospect towards a desired action.
In other words, a well-optimized “funnel” allows you to sell…without selling.
They are the secret to promoting your product or service without being pushy or creepy.
More importantly….
This Is The Most Profitable Customer-Getting Campaign We’ve Ever Created…

Conversion Funnels Allow You To Fully Automate the Entire Customer Acquisition Process…
(And Now I Want To Show You How To Build One For Your Company)

The fact is, most businesses have some sort of “funnel” for generating leads and converting those leads into paying customers, but very few have a truly OPTIMIZED funnel.
That’s where you come in.
As a Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist, you’ll know how to architect a “conversion funnel” that gives businesses exactly what they want:
MORE customers, that are…
MORE valuable, yet…
Read that again because it’s important. (It’s also the key to unstoppable business growth.)
If you want your company to grow, then you need a proven, repeatable system that on-boards new leads and then converts those leads into customers…ideally at a profit.
Because if you can do that…if you can create a proven, repeatable system that maximizes immediate customer value while simultaneously reducing acquisition costs…you will have cracked the code to business growth.
Your company will be unstoppable, and you will possess the single most valuable skill any marketer can ever possess: The ability to create customers out of thin air.
And that’s exactly what you’re going to be able to do after you complete this class…

In addition to learning our step-by-step plan for rolling out new conversion funnels (for virtually any type of business) from scratch, you’ll also learn:
How to optimize all of your existing marketing funnels by applying the “5 Things” methodology
The L x c x m x f = GP formula that consistently doubles revenues…
One change you can make to your funnel to instantly get more leads, subscribers, and ultimately customers. (Hint: It has NOTHING to do with your ad, your headline, your landing page, or your copy.)
The simple tweak we made for a manufacturing client that brought in a 2,000% increase in leads!
How to craft a “Statement of Value” that perfectly positions any product or service, and gives your ideal customers EXACTLY what they want (even when they don’t even know they want it…)
The 5 “Specifics” that make up a winning Lead Magnet…
The right way to use coupons and discounts in funnels that works for both online and offline businesses…
How to select the right “Tripwire” for any business. (Includes 7 examples you can model.)
The two types of doubt almost every customer experiences, and how to boost conversions by inoculating against them ahead of time.
How to use “bundling” to de-commoditize a commodity product or service…
How we resolved a client’s #1 customer complaint while simultaneously DOUBLING their profit margin. (This works in literally any business…even if your customers aren’t complaining.)
The 3 little words that can be added to the back of any conversion funnel that’s been responsible for bumping average profit per customer by 200%.
How to deploy an automated, 5-phase followup system that converts more leads into buyers, and more buyers into multi-buyers… …and much, much more.

In short, Customer Value Optimization Specialists (a.k.a. “Funnel Experts”) are able to not only deliver fresh leads and customers…they are able to deliver those leads and customers at a PROFIT.
If you’re interested in becoming such a “Funnel Master,” then I have one question for you…

Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker?”
Let’s face it: Marketing experts are a dime a dozen.
So how do you separate those who “walk the talk” from the ones who merely…
That’s the problem!
And at DigitalMarketer, it was our problem, too. You see, we don’t just teach marketing best practices, we actually DO MARKETING for businesses that we ACTUALLY OWN.
We aren’t researchers. We aren’t journalists.
We’re business owners running companies (both online and offline) in B2B and B2C markets selling everything from cosmetics to camping equipment to industrial water filters and everything in-between.
In other words: WE ACTUALLY DO THIS STUFF……so we know how hard it is to find truly skilled people who know what they’re talking about.
And that’s why we created the “Conversion Funnel Mastery” course and certification.
We built this certification to train our own team members, but in the spirit of “open sourcing” our business (which is what DigitalMarketer is all about) we’re now making this certification and training available to the world.
In short, we’re making it available to YOU…

Course Details and Description

Module 1: Start Here

  • Lesson 1: Here’s What To Expect
  • Lesson 3: What is CVO?
  • Lesson 4: The Formula For Growth

Module 2: Determine Product/Market Fit

  • Lesson 1: The Goal of Marketing
  • Lesson 2: Before & After Grid – Infant Tub
  • Lesson 3: Before & After Grid – Landscaper
  • Lesson 4: Crafting a Statement of Value
  • Lesson 5: SOV vs. USP
  • Lesson 6: Why Value Isn’t Enough
  • Lesson 7: Two Types of Doubts

Module 3: Optimize The Lead Magnet

  • Lesson 1: What is a Lead Magnet? 
  • Lesson 2: Importance of Specificity
  • Lesson 3: Make A Specific Promise
  • Lesson 4: Give A Specific Example
  • Lesson 5: Offer A Specific Shortcut
  • Lesson 6: Answer A Specific Question
  • Lesson 7: Deliver A Specific Discount
  • Lesson 8: Finding The Hook
  • Lesson 9: The Landing Page Checklist
  • Lesson 10: The Formula Revisited

Module 4: Optimize The Tripwire Offer

  • Lesson 1: What is a Tripwire? 
  • Lesson 2: Two Types Of Commitment
  • Lesson 3: Types of Tripwires
  • Lesson 4: Splinter Offers
  • Lesson 5: Little Victories
  • Lesson 6: Brainstorming Little Victories – 1
  • Lesson 7: Brainstorming Little Victories – 2
  • Lesson 8 : The Tripwire Checklist
  • Lesson 9: Discovering Your Tripwire
  • Lesson 10: The Formula Revisited

Module 5: Offer A Profit Maximizer

  • Lesson 1: What is a Profit Maximizer
  • Lesson 2: Immediate Upsells
  • Lesson 3: Cross-Sells
  • Lesson 4: Slack Adjusters
  • Lesson 5: Bundles and Kits
  • Lesson 6: Recurring Billing
  • Lesson 7: Line Extensions
  • Lesson 8: Speed and Automation
  • Lesson 9: The Formula Revisited

Module 6: Architect A Return Path

  • Lesson 1: What is a Return Path
  • Lesson 2: Constant Communication Explained
  • Lesson 3: Exit Offers Explained
  • Lesson 4: Example Exit Offers
  • Lesson 5: Retargeting Explained
  • Lesson 6: Segmentation By Visitor Activity
  • Lesson 7: Full Funnel Retargeting
  • Lesson 8: Automated Email Followup Explained
  • Lesson 9: Part 1: Indoctrination
  • Lesson 10: Example: Indoctrination Campaign
  • Lesson 11: Part 2: Engagement
  • Lesson 12: Example: Engagement Campaign
  • Lesson 13: Part 3: Ascension
  • Lesson 14: Example: Ascension Campaign
  • Lesson 15: Part 4: Segmentation
  • Lesson 16: Example: Segmentation Campaign
  • Lesson 17: Part 5: Reengagement
  • Lesson 18: Final Formula and Wrap Up

Ryan Deiss – Conversion Funnel Mastery Contains: Video, PDF´s, Audios,
Name Product: Ryan Deiss – Conversion Funnel Mastery
Market price: $997
Author: Ryan Deiss
SalesPage (more info)