Investing: How I Consistently Beat The Stock Market
Name Product: Ruben Merre   – Investing: How I Consistently Beat The Stock Market
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A practical guide to investing in stocks: outperforming the stock market while outsourcing most of the effort
What are the requirements?
A basic understanding of company balance sheets is preferred but not imperative
Some experience in investing in stocks is a nice to have

What am I going to get from this course?
Over 34 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!
Understand how to beat the stock market by using straightforward techniques
Screen the large available equities pool for companies that are worthy of further research
Increase understanding of a business rapidly yet profoundly
Analyze stocks from several fundamental analysis perspectives
Identify outstanding businesses by relying on several proven investment principles
Outsource most of the necessary steps to gain investment insights into a company
Perform basic technical analysis on stock price graphs
Value a company and hence calculate the intrinsic worth of a business
Practically apply the theory outlined throughout the course
Easy to use templates

What is the target audience?
Everyone who wishes to increase his or her understanding of investing in the stock market will profit from taking this course. The course is not about any other asset categories.
The course is most useful for aspiring investors with a mid to long term mind set, although several principles can be applied as well by investors with a shorter time horizon. However, note that the course aims to explain investing from a business standpoint, not from a speculative one.
The course is aimed to be highly practical, meaning there is a lot of material discussed that the “student” can try out immediately (e.g. platforms, investing principles,…)
The course is suitable for both defensive and enterprising investors.
The course distinguishes three categories: low, medium and high effort. For each category, solutions are proposed and discussed in depth

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