Name Product: Rohan Dhawan  –Facebook Ads For E-Commerce: Guide To Selling Any Product
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Author: Rohan Dhawan
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Do you want to learn exactly how I make $1,000 every single day selling products on Facebook?
In this course, I will be teaching you how to take a product/service and bring it across the entire world in the most effective and efficient manner. With over 9,000 happy students, 3 successful courses and 128 positive reviews I am confident to say that you’ll love the knowledge provided in this course.

What will I get from this course –
Watch me show you step by step how I make sales over $1,000 everyday
Find out how to setup a post for your product/service that will go viral
Launch top converting ad campaigns that will blow up your sales figures
Discover advanced Facebook advertising strategies that I use to increase sales and make customers coming back
Learn from various case studies of my personal top selling ad campaigns
Become a Facebook advertising pro and hone all the skills required to launch a sustainable and profitable business online

You can literally sell ANYTHING (physical products, digital products, services) online. If there is demand for it then you will definitely make a lot of money using the techniques shown in this course! This course is meant for everyone and you DO NOT require any knowledge to get started. Beginners will learn the advanced fundamentals of launching a successful online store, and people with existing stores will discover helpful methods they can implement today to double/triple/quadruple sales! If your goal is to build a successful E-commerce empire and market any product or service then you should take this course now!

What are the requirements?
An online store
Basic knowledge about Facebook ads
What am I going to get from this course?
Find out how to use Facebook ads effectively and efficiently for selling any product/service
Discover the strategies I use to make $1,000 everyday by selling
Get real world experience by looking at my case studies in which I reveal my personal top converting ad campaigns
Start a new career as an online entrepreneur
What is the target audience?
Anyone who wants to master Facebook ads and make a fortune
Anyone who wants to build lucrative e-commerce stores
People who want to successfully sell any product/service online