Roger James Hamilton - The Millionaire Master Plan, Your Personalized Path to Financi
The Millionaire Master Plan is a unique and fresh approach as to how individuals can not only get a sense of where they stand on the spectrum of personal wealth, but more importantly, how they can learn to ascend from their present state to a higher level.
Roger James Hamilton, himself a highly successful entrepreneur and successful investor, has designed nine steps – from barely surviving – all the way to the highest level of ultimate wealth for life – and he lays out his nine steps in an easy-to-understand “color coded” manner that ranges from red (barely living paycheck-to-paycheck) all the way to ultra-violet (where generating income is simply no longer a worry).
Along the way, the listener first takes a quick test to determine where one is on the financial spectrum, and then Hamilton provides key insights and practical tips as to how one can progress to the next level. You track your progress by ascending from one color to the next.

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