Penguin Live Online Lecture with Rocco Silano
A world-renowned master-magician and extraordinary sleight-of-hand artist came to Penguin LIVE! Anyone who owns a D’Lite surely knows the name Rocco. Smile. This Paterson, NJ native says his magic career really began when he won the Golden Lion Award for stage and close-up magic from Siegfried & Roy at the Las Vegas Desert Seminar in 1986. Rocco is a two-time winner of the coveted Manhattan Association of Cabarets Award, and has been nominated nine times as “Magician of the Year” by the Academy of Magical Arts (the governing body of the Magic Castle) in four different categories. He has one the prestigious Merlin award twice.

Rocco is the only American to win awards at two FISM (Federacion Internacional Societes de Magique) World Tournaments, the most prestigious Magic Organization in the World; 1994 in Yokohama, Japan, and world’s “Most Original Magic Act” in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Rocco has literally performed his way around the world for such luminaries as Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali and Howard Stern, as well as for the Queen of England.

“Jarrow would roll over in his grave if he saw what Rocco does with his sleeves. Rocco is certainly original in his work, a genius. How he keeps track of the intricate things mystifies me, it’s astounding!” -Dai Vernon
“Rocco, you are a real artist” -Michael Jackson

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