Robin Manuell – A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling
In 1996 I went on my first NLP Practitioner course with NLP lengends Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen. Bandler came on to a Jimi Hendrix sound track, raw and powerful.  He swaggered onto the stage, dressed up in a black shirt, rings on his fingers, a pony tail curling round his left shoulder.   He looked like a refugee from the 60′s rather than one of the world’s greatest hypnotists.
He started telling stories about his friends, about the early days of NLP and the people like Milton Erickson who he modelled. Pretty soon I noticed that people in the room were drifting into trance. Even I started to feel good for no apparent reason.
And as we listened to Richard tell his stories I realised that we were learning things on a deep level. Without even realising it, we were absorbing and internalizing one of the most powerful skills known to man!
It was then I discovered the true, unstoppable power of hypnotic storytelling. I’ve spent the last 14 years working tirelessly to break down every aspect of this process, and take it to a level of mastery many people believe has never yet been reached. In the process I’ve studied and modelled some of the greatest storytellers of all time.
Why Hypnotic Storytelling Is The Easiest and Most Powerful Way To Influence People, and Has Been For Over 5000 Years…
Before computers, newspapers,  TVs and books, all information was passed on by word of mouth, in the form of stories. Just the magic phrase “let me tell you a story” still causes people to begin to drift off into a trance, because it activates an ancient trigger embedded in the neurology of every human being.
Learn to tell spellbinding stories, and your words will be charged with the history of the entire human race!

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