Rob Howard- Fiction Marketing Class - Launch and Sell Your Fiction Novel In 5 Days or Less!

Launch and Sell Your Fiction Novel In 5 Days or Less!
Join Me Live For A Six Week, Over the Shoulder Class Dedicated to Marketing Your Fiction Novels
Twelve Intensive Hour Long Class Sessions Dedicated to Marketing Fiction Novels
I’ll Promote Your Book For You – And Demonstrate the Techniques For the Whole Class
By the End of the Class, You Can Launch And Sell Your Fiction Novel In Less Than 5 Days!
If you’re not getting the results you desire with your fiction novel – if you confused about where to start your marketing efforts – and if you’re worried that you will waste your time and money promoting a flop – then this is for you.
Pay very close attention to this letter – inside I’m going to show you how you can dominate the novel selling market with your book, possibly changing your life forever!
Rob Howard here – and I’ve been getting a lot of requests to hold a fiction book marketing class.
So I’ve decided that in the month of May, I’m going to hold a 6 week intensive book marketing class, covering book launching techniques that will help you sell!
We are going to be primarily using facebook, search engine marketing, and advertising to build up an audience to launch and sell our book to. We will then leverage this audience again and again to sell future books to them.

Are You Struggling to Promote Your Book? Or Confused About How To Do So?
Selling a fiction novel is completely different than selling a nonfiction book or even a shorter fiction book/kids book. Because fiction books don’t fall in easy to categorize/easy to SEO optimize titles, knowing where and how to start can be daunting.
You may ask yourself questions, like “how am I supposed to do this?” Or if you’ve tried, “why is this not working?”
I know those frustrations well and I’ve been through them. I’ve also conquered them, as you will see later on in this letter. I’m going to show you a plan that will help you defeat these – and sell your book! All of it live, in class.
Are You Worried About Wasting Time Or Money Promoting?
If you’ve just starting out and you would like to promote your book, I know how you first feel. “Can I actually do this? What if I waste my time/money?”
I understand this fear. You don’t want to throw away your precious time or money into what could turn out to be a lost cause. However, I know that if you utilize the proper techniques, you don’t have to worry at all! There are certain things you can do that will dramatically increase your chances of selling. And I’m going to teach you those things in this class.
Introducing KD Fiction Class 102M – Marketing Your Fiction Novel
The Only Marketing Class Exclusively Dedicated To Selling Novels
Discover the Techniques to Successfully Launching A Book In 5 Days Or Less!
Inside I’m going to show the exact steps for success. From the Amazon landing page, to building an audience, an email list, and more – everything you need to successfully take your book and sell it. You will then leverage these assets and will force Amazon to make you money.
Everything will be demonstrated in a live class, utilizing a book written by one of the class members!
Here Are Results I’ve Gotten Previous Clients Utilizing the Methods I’m Going To Teach Inside:

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