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Rob Cornish here and welcome to The Traffic Matrix.
In The Early Days…
It wasn’t long after I started online in April 2010 that I became infatuated with driving traffic.
I spent hours on end consuming every bit of information I could find on PPC, SEO, Web 2.0, PPV, forums, article marketing and countless other jargon-named strategies.
The result?
Hardly anything.
Hundreds of hours of work spread across several months barely moved the needle in terms of bringing visitors to my sites.
At the time, I really couldn’t understand it.
I certainly found it frustrating and actually pretty stressful as well.
What was I doing that was SO wrong?
Well, since those early days I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products and services online.
You won’t be surprised to learn that the key essential ingredient that has allowed me to do this is large and consistent amounts of high quality traffic.
So what changed and how EXACTLY did I do this?
To explain, first consider this:
The 3 Big Traffic Roadblocks
Recently, I took some time to look back and consider what I was doing wrong in my early days.
Now of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing but when it came to traffic I realized my mistakes were pretty much the exact same ones I see most people making today.
Time and time again, the struggle is basically the same… You see it in emails, forums, live events, blog comments and sometimes even amongst my own private clients when they first come to me for help.
Perhaps you can relate to these problems too….

I’m sure you’ve seen these “magic pill” traffic solutions yourself.
Often presented as “traffic loopholes” in slick sales videos they promise the latest and greatest “top secret” traffic tactics.
Or even better traffic software which magically “siphons” visitors from some secret source that apparently exists out there on the web.
It can look SO appealing, just like the ONE missing piece of the puzzle that you need to get boatloads of traffic.
Until you actually try them out of course…
Either they generate little or no traffic at all or in the case of “1 penny dirty cheap clicks” type stuff, the traffic is so low quality it’s not worth having (often because it either comes from automated robots or developing countries like India, Pakistan or Thailand).

Have you ever suspected that the advice being dished out by some “experts” is not what they are actually using themselves?
In my early days I spent $5,000 on private mentoring.
My coach showed me how to get traffic using, amongst other things, SEO. I spent hundreds of hours spread over many months implementing his advice to very little effect.
Only later on did I realize that he never used SEO himself to drive traffic for his own business!
He wasn’t teaching what he was using himself (which in hindsight was actually very outdated, even at that point). This is The Credibility Gap – a huge problem when it comes to traffic in particular.

Despite the two problems above there ARE a lot of traffic strategies out there that are extremely good, well taught and from reputable sources.
That is true today and it was also true when I began in 2010.
But the problem I had and so many others still do is sorting the good from bad.
This can be so difficult not least because traffic is probably the most complex subject in our entire industry.
Especially when you consider the convoluted way it’s usually taught.
It’s almost inevitable that with such a bulk of information from so many different sources you become overloaded with different information.
Like a rabbit caught between the headlights you become paralyzed.
But that’s not all…
If you’ve previously struggled with traffic yourself then you might also recognize some of these additional problems:
Unleveraged “Web 1.0” traffic sources such as forum marketing and Yahoo! Answers that involve huge amounts of manual work for uncertain and typically very limited results
Outdated traffic strategies like Squidoo lenses and article directories that simply waste your time in today’s online environment
Traffic strategies that only work in certain areas such as the internet marketing (IM) niche

What if You Could Access a Toolbox of Proven, Evergreen & Highly Leveraged Targeted Traffic Sources That You Can Put to Work for Fast List Building, Sales and Affiliate Commissions in 2015?
Well now you can.
“The strategies and tactics inside The Traffic Matrix are responsible for driving hundreds of thousands of targeted visitors to my sites…”
But it’s not just me…
Inside The Traffic Matrix you’ll discover how my successful clients and other independent work-from-home money makers are quietly deploying these strategies across multiple niches with some amazing results in terms of list building and sales.
Sounds Great, but What do I Actually Get in the Traffic Matrix?
When you arrive inside the members area, the first thing to do is download the Traffic Matrix Mindmap…

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