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Online Sales Secrets Worth $500 Million
to My Clients Every Year:
Yours for just $997!

Rich Schefren
Rich Schefren – “The Guru’s Guru” and online business exploder whose clients are now raking in more than $500 million every year – and piling up more than $1 billion in sales every two years …
In an average year, my clients use my online marketing strategies, tactics and tools to help them attract millions of leads and new customers and generate well over $500 million in sales.
They leave their competitors choking on their dust and establish themselves as the undisputed leaders in their respective industries.
They create massive streams of income – tens of millions of dollars and in some cases, hundreds of millions – that flow automatically; almost effortlessly to them every month.
By Rich Schefren
Founder & CEO,

My Business Acceleration Program home study resource is truly massive!
Right off the bat, you get 20 extravagantly produced video DVDs featuring ten of America’s most legendary business builders – with sessions painstakingly designed to give you the ability to:
Work less and produce more …
Make work faster, easier and fun again …
Free up more time for your family and friends …
Become the #1 Thought Leader
– THE Maven – in Your Market!
– Rich Schefren
Founder, Strategic Profits
Rich Schefren
How to develop a photographic memory: The stunningly simple “Learning Matrix” that builds the neural pathways you need to lock whatever you read, listen to, or watch into your long-term memory. While your competitors waste time trying to find information they only vaguely remember, you’ll be accessing it … using it … and turning it into one financial windfall after another!
This one, simple change in your work environment can instantly boost your productivity by HALF: What Microsoft, Apple, and NASA discovered in independent research studies can ramp up your productivity by 50% or even more!
What Harvard taught me about super-human productivity: It’s a simple workspace adjustment – costs peanuts – that skyrockets your productivity and guarantees you’ll never run out of gas when working. (To my knowledge, this secret is revealed only in this program. You’ll probably never hear it anywhere else!)
FREE MONEY: If I offered you a free Toyota – would you accept it? This simple desk accessory is just as good: It’ll put an extra $24,499 into your pocket this year alone!
Create your own billion-dollar mastermind group: The greatest business book, course or seminar in the world won’t do you one bit of good unless you remember and USE what you read. Here’s how to immediately wring every last drop of value out of everything you read and immediately begin reaping the rewards – both in your business and in your personal life. (Not one entrepreneur in a million knows how to do this!)
Grab hot-off-the-press research on any subject – automatically and for FREE: To become the #1 Maven in your industry, you need the freshest, most up-to-date and most accurate facts, figures and other information available. This secret “back door” to every library on Earth serves it all up to your desktop, for free!
My “paint-by-the-numbers” guide to creating great freebies: Free reports, podcasts, teleconferences, webinars and videos aren’t enough. To establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry – and to create a stampede of new prospects and customers – the content in those freebies must be world-class.
And much, MUCH MORE!

PLUS, you also get 28 audio CDs …
1,000 printed pages packed with profit-exploding secrets …
free productivity software … and MORE!

My simple, step-by-step Getting Started Guide to make navigating this massive program a breeze and to speed you on your way …
28 audio CDs containing the soundtrack of every video module : so you can listen to every strategy, tactic and tool when you’re driving, working, exercising or just relaxing …
My 708-page Enhanced Acceleration Workbook – giving you edited transcripts and slides each expert presented … plus a special chapter on Masterminding by Jay Abraham … 15 MORE chapters to help you multiply your profits in record time …
My 314-page Strategic Profits 12-Month Marketing Blueprint: crammed with every e-mail, blog post and sales letter I’ve used to attract 200,000 leads and customers … and to earn $7.5 million online in the last 18 months …
FasterAudio Software: Install FasterAudio in seconds … then use it to convert sound files into MP3s that play up to four times faster!
AcceleReader Software: This remarkable software trains your eyes and your brain to devour reading material two times faster … three times faster … even four times faster.
My Master Maven Quick Reference Charts to keep you on track and speed you towards your ultimate goal – including my guides to help you process everything in your work environment quickly and easily and make sure nothing slips between the cracks … computer keyboard shortcuts for Outlook, Internet Explorer, FireFox, G-Mail, Mindjet and more – shortcuts that save me at least two hours of work time every day …
14 full-color Process Maps that give you an instantaneous, at-a-glance mastery of every amazing business accelerating secret you’ll learn …
Two of the most highly acclaimed posters I’ve ever produced – actual copies of the ones I keep next to my desk to guarantee every product I create contains every element that ensures an explosive launch …
My favorite personal productivity software – two amazing programs – that make it a breeze to absorb, store and access the information you need to become your industry’s #1 Maven …
You ALSO get six weeks of Mavenship Mentoring

with me and my team of hand-picked experts!
If you stopped right here – if you just absorbed the material in the course DVDs and printed materials – my Business Acceleration Program would be worth its weight in gold to you.
You’d quickly become a Maven in your market … attract thousands of new leads and customers … and begin collecting your own online fortune in record time.But I am NOT going to let you stop here. Not by a long shot! Instead, I’m to make absolutely sure you put this market-dominating information into immediate action. I’m going to make sure you do it all right – and maximize your revenues and profits every step of the way.
That’s why I created a custom never-been-done-before, six-week coaching program to personally Mentor you on your journey to Mavenship.
This kind of coaching is absolutely crucial to your success. In these exclusive recorded sessions, my team of leading experts and I will walk you through every step of the Maven-making process… and help you blast through any barriers you’re struggling with now.
These are the same experts I turn to for ideas and advice when I’m launching my own online campaigns, and to make sure my Business Acceleration Program gives you everything you need and leaves no question unanswered, I want you to join me as I get them to reveal ways to guarantee your success.
Plus, with me leading these sessions, you’ll get the benefit of my experience too.
Here’s what to expect …
Mavenship Mentoring Session #1 – Identifying Your Maven Matrix with Guest Mentor AMY BRUSKE, VP of Kolbe Corp: In this session, you’ll know for sure if you’ve chosen the right area of expertise, and how to start your journey to Mavenship in a way that suits the way you work.
Mavenship Mentoring Session #2 – Effortless Expertise with Guest Mentor, JANET SWITZER: You’ll discover how to take the area of your passion, create world-class content (your own “Manifestos” and “Doctrines”) and re-purpose that content into as many as 52 different formats. This is the ultimate Thought Leader Boot Camp!
Mavenship Mentoring Session #3 – Windfall Profits On Demand with Guest Mentor JEFF WALKER: In this session, you’ll get the expert planning advice you need to create “Windfall Profit Events” when you need them to happen. We’ll open the door to all the Product Launch Secrets that have made Strategic Profits over $7.5 Million in revenue… and what’s more, we’ll give you the blueprint for doing your own Launch!
Mavenship Mentoring Session #4 – Turning Words Into Wealth with Guest Mentor, CLAYTON MAKEPEACE: Everything about the marketing of your business starts with the words. Words establish your credibility, sell your ideas, document your expertise, move your products and make your cash register sing! And for my money, no one alive today can better help you with your words than the man the American Writers and Artists Institute says is the world’s highest-paid copywriter: Clayton Makepeace. And in this session, Clayton will spill the beans on how to turn all your materials into marketing materials… and have your readers falling over themselves to throw money at you!
Mavenship Mentoring Session #5 – Jump-Starting A Viral Marketing Machine with Guest Mentor MIKE FILSAIME: Your rise to Mavenship really takes on meteoric status when it’s fueled by voluntary word of mouth – that’s called Viral Marketing. And in this session we’ll answer all the common questions about Viral Marketing as it relates to YOUR particular Mavenship Quest.
Mavenship Mentoring Session #6 – Explosive List-Building Strategies and Tactics with Guest Mentor MARYELLEN TRIBBY: I’ve built multiple six-figure lists for my company, and while it seems to be a mystery to everyone else, it’s abundantly clear and easy to me. In this session MaryEllen and I show you all my secrets to building mega-lists, super-fast… including my latest cutting-edge techniques for boosting numbers and response rates.
If you know anything about me at all, you know that my regular fee for coaching sessions like these is $397 each – but you get all six sessions … a $2,382 value … FREE with your copy of my Business Acceleration Program!

And you also get my exclusive Social Media Magic webinar series
– all five eye-opening sessions – FREE!
Session #1 – Blogging All The Way To The Bank: How to use message boards, forums and blogs in your market niche to drive huge traffic to your opt-in pages for free!
Session #2 – Social Media Traffic Secrets: How spreading your free content through MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster and other red-hot social networking sites can add still more traffic to your opt-in pages and website – and make you the obvious choice for prospects who see your products popping up everywhere they go on the ‘Net.
Session #3 – Savvy Social Media Branding Strategies: How to create controversy, attract attention and pique your prospects’ interest with ease. And while you’re doing it add yet another layer of traffic, with each prospect eager for more of what only you can offer him.
Session #4 – Bookmarking Your Business To The Top: Bookmarking sites are all the rage today and they’re growing like nobody’s business. Here’s how to use them to get more links pointing to your site … to enhance your search rankings … to attract huge new traffic … and more!
Session #5 – Article and Press Release Marketing: How recycling your content in articles and press releases gets you huge attention and traffic – and most importantly the implied endorsement of every publication and website that reprints them!

You also get my two-hour Strengths Mastery videos
And the help you need to leverage your natural abilities to the hilt!
Learning to rely on your instincts and leveraging your inborn, natural talents is an important step all of my coaching clients go through – a crucial path that enables them to rise up to the real money and break free of their businesses.
That’s what I want for you, too! It’s time to open your eyes and rid yourself of that pain in your stomach and your never-ending headache once and for all, right away:

By spending your time leveraging what comes easy to you.
By becoming more efficient and cutting wasted time to zero.
By gaining a business advantage your competitors can’t duplicate.
By focusing on your talents, your inborn natural abilities.
By delegating “weakness” tasks so you never have to struggle again.
By achieving specific results from a proven scientific process.

Doing any one of these things can help you do better at business. Master them all, and you’ll soon find yourself in a completely transformed business – one that is far more profitable and requires far less of your direct involvement.
On these two amazing videos, I introduce you to a scientifically tested and proven system that accurately defines your personal and business strengths without a shadow of a doubt.

You get access to a proven, scientific strengths assessment (you’ll find out exactly what your strengths really are.)
You get a complete, personalized audio/visual report detailing your profile (you’ll know exactly what your profile means and exactly how to leverage your strengths to multiply your profits – without breaking a sweat!)
You get a second exclusive video to help you really “get” playing to your strengths (so you’ll NEVER play to your weaknesses again.)
As a result, you’ll …
Eliminate your daily frustrations for good (you’ll never feel overwhelmed again!)
Wipe-out self-doubt for good (so you can stop worrying about your business.)
Reach the top of your game and stay there (and smile all the way to the bank!)
Love being in business again (like you did when you first started.)
Never have to worry about working for somebody else ever again.
Put an end to spinning your wheels (saving your sanity and your business.)
Spend your time doing what you want (not what you have to do.)
Enjoy spending time with your family again (and your friends – remember them?)
Lift your profits sky-high (while working LESS than ever before!)
Normally, my Strengths Mastery videos are $97 – but they’re yours, FREE when you order my Business Acceleration Program today!