Ramit Sethi - Instant Network
How to build a network of 10 powerful connections – just 10 – for one-on-one mentorship, lasting introductions, and “skip-the-line” access into the private world of unannounced jobs and unrivaled perks

This new online course takes my best insights on building a powerful support network and gives you the most specific, word-for-word scripts, strategies, and tactics to find your powerful 10 allies.

Even if you’re not already a “success story.”
Even if you live in the middle of nowhere.
Even if you don’t know what you want to do with your life.

Within 14 days:
You’ll identify the ten key people – just 10 – who’ll give you one-on-one mentorship, lasting introductions, and “skip-the-line” access into the private world of unannounced jobs and unrivaled perks
You’ll have gotten responses from all of them! This is not just theory. My goal with this course is that you’ll meet more VIPs in the next 14 days than in the last 2 years
You’ll know exactly what to say to them when you first reach out, when you communicate by email, even when you meet in person. All carefully shown to you in word-for-word scripts – and I’ll show you how to make them authentically yours

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

Why connecting with the right 10 people can skyrocket your career?and how you can pick and connect with them in as little as 7 days

The easy way to “leap-frog” past other highly qualified individuals – it’s not what THEY know, it’s who YOU know
How to stop disqualifying yourself from life-changing opportunities with your reluctance about networking?and why building a powerful support network is MUCH EASIER than you think
The secrets to creating instant rapport with anyone – even people you’ve just met
How to network authentically and build DEEP relationships with other experts in your industry
The sleaze-free method for becoming the person that everyone in your community knows and likes
EVERYTHING you need to know to have a meaningful conversation with any VIP. I’ve even included a 7-stage “conversational roadmap” detailing exactly what to say when you meet a VIP – including where to stand, when to arrive, and who pays
10 word-for-word email scripts you can use to start networking today, including how to get a VIP to personally respond to you, how to reach out to someone you have zero connections with, and even what to say if you get rejected.
Save YEARS of “figuring it out” on your own – learn how to connect gain up-to-date career and industry wisdom that nobody ever tells you about in college or any website
How to get access to 100?s of VIPs who can give you a backstage pass to pivotal career opportunities – for free
The powerful “Closing the Loop” technique you can use to turn introductions into lasting relationships. Stay at the top of a VIP’s mind so that when opportunity comes knocking, you’ll be the first one they call
Real case studies detailing how people used natural networking to find career opportunities and overcome self-defeating beliefs
4 powerful action steps that ease you into networking effortlessly and “lubricate” your chances for massive career opportunities
Advanced strategies on becoming a well-renowned connector so that your influence in the industry spreads like wildfire – you won’t find these on any internet “Top 10? list
My simple system for staying in touch with friends in any city – if I ever need help picking a restaurant, I know exactly who to call
Never before seen footage of how I host private networking dinners with extremely influential VIP’s

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