Ramit Sethi - How to Talk to Anybody

Welcome to How to Talk To Anybody: The Art and Craft of Talking to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.
Congratulations on taking an important step to actively improve your social skills. This program is different than college textbooks or TV shows. You’re not just going to consume material — we’ll gradually challenge you to change your behavior, showing you how every step of the way.

Here’s a quick video I’d like you to watch first:
Over the next 4 weeks, you’ll learn how to easily strike up conversations with anyone, anywhere, without the fear of running out of things to say. You’ll build deeper connections with the friends and co-workers already in your life. I’m sharing material I used to help students from around the world make lifelong friends, make discontinuous jumps in their career, and step into a room knowing they had a powerful arsenal of social tools at their disposal.

Here’s How The Course Works:
Each week during this 4-week course, I’ll open up new material for you.

4 social skills modules: You’ll receive 4 modules, one per week, with strategies on how to master small talk, become a great conversationalist, lead a group, and confidently navigate a room of people you don’t know
3 videos per module: Each video will show you the theory, strategies, and tactics you need to improve ONE new area of your social skills. Just one. I intentionally made the action steps small, and I included recommended variations and tests. Again, this course isn’t just about nodding and saying, “Got it, got it, what’s next?” and consuming new information. The real value comes from applying the insights to your social skills.
Detailed action steps: After every video there are specific action steps to implement what you learned in the field
Word-for-word scripts: These scripts will be the “angel in your ear” showing you exactly what to say when you’re stuck

To summarize exactly what the next 4 weeks look like:
Week 1: Small Talk
Week 2: One on One Conversation
Week 3: Group Conversation
Week 4: Working a Room

Tomorrow the first module in Small Talk: Mastering the Art of Talking to Anyone, Anytime, opens. But here’s what I want you to do now:
Step 1: Remember, this is a BEHAVIOR CHANGE course. It’s easy to watch the videos, then nod and move onto the next video because you get it. The key to seeing 5x, 10x, and even 20x the results of people who dream about improving themselves lies in applying the material.
Step 2: Leave a comment below. Tell us one behavior — just one —  you’d like to change or improve at the end of this course.
Step 3: If you ever need technical support during the course, we’re here to help. Email the IWT support team any time at: [email protected]

Welcome again, and enjoy the program.

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