Ramit Sethi - Earn 1K v2.0
Finally… a PROVEN, Legitimate Program to Identify a Profitable Idea… and Turn It Into a Reliable Side Income of $1,000/Month — With Just 5 Hours a Week
Use these tested, step-by-step techniques to find a profitable idea and turn your EXISTING skills into DIRECT side incomeTHEN implement my “Tuner Strategy” to increase that income to $2,000/month, $3,000/month, $5,000/month or more…using deep psychology, pre-written scripts, and all-new techniques to control your life and time.
NEW in Earn1K 2.0… A Private Vault packed with all-new scripts, never-before-released case studies, and examples from every conceivable field. Plus, new expert Master Classes on time management, negotiation, systems-building, and marketing.

Roadmap: A Week-by-Week Overview

Week 1: Crush your barriers
Learn the #1 biggest barrier you’ll face when starting, and then overcome it
How to pick the right field, even if you think you don’t have any skills
Psychological tactics to keep yourself highly motivated and even increase your performance
How to avoid what almost all new freelancers waste hours on – with ZERO results

Week 2: Dominate your niche to maximize demand
Learn the power of ‘No,’ to drive demand for your services higher than ever, while protecting your time and energy
How to instantly evaluate the demand for your service before ever spending time on marketing
The difference between creating a niche and specializing in one
How to use niche techniques to select a target market that’s irresistible to high-value clients

Week 3: Tapping into your client’s ‘Buy’ mechanism
Learn the 16 most effective emotional triggers that tap into your clients’ desire to buy
Why your ‘skills’ aren’t as important as you think
How to construct rock-solid deliverables so clients see your value – and get desperate for your services
The upsell techniques that land you bigger projects, partnership deals, and even full-time job offers

Week 4: Set your price…then increase it
Choosing your price without agonizing or hedging
How to get clients to gladly pay you more than they originally planned
Why clients WANT you to sell to them (and how to do it so it works)
Learn the one tactic to use so you never again say “I don’t know where to find clients!

Week 5: Communicate to maximize client love
Instantly spot dead-end leads, and learn how to avoid them
The right (and wrong) way to pitch a new client
Email scripts to help you pitch clients in minutes, not hours
Develop trust and obliterate your clients’ hidden objections with specific, proven phrases

Week 6: Closing the sale from your first conversation
Getting to the ‘Yes’ before even telling them your rate
How to close any sale
When NOT to close – even if your client is ready to buy
The “1-2 punch” and other powerful email techniques to get people to respond

Week 7: On-the-job: overcoming objections and getting referrals
How to gain your client’s trust, so they reveal to you their hidden fears and desires
Exact lines you can use to overcome even the biggest client objections
How to turn one-time clients into lifelong business partners
Your Must-Dos for the end of every client engagement

Week 8: Optimize your business, and make the leap!
How to turn around problem clients
Tactics to flood your inbox with more referral business than you can handle
Optimize your system to get more business with less effort
When it’s time to ‘make the leap’ and start working for yourself!

Master Classes: Inside Material from Field Experts
As you start understanding how to turn your skills into income, you’ll have more and more detailed questions about specialized topics.
So we’ve assembled some of the top experts in pricing, picking a profitable niche, time management & productivity, and marketing.

These Master Classes give you invaluable access to these experts who usually charge consulting fees of hundreds of dollars per hour — and some of whom don’t ever take clients. You’d literally never be able to get their dedicated attention to address your business ideas in its growth phases (the most important time).

Each week, as your own business grows, you test more techniques, and get deeper in your customers’ heads, you’ll find the weekly master classes increasingly valuable.

Noah Kagan on Picking a Niche & Creating Fame
Noah’s Master Class covers picking a niche and turning clients into ecstatic referrals.

Tim Ferriss & Ramit Sethi on Ultimate Productivity
Tim’s Master Class covers time management, especially how to motivate yourself after long days at work. He also goes over exactly how to identify your ideal customer (not time-sucking freeloaders).

Mike Williams on Customer Clairvoyance
Mike’s Master Class shows you how to get deeply in your customer’s head, and master the art of “customer clairvoyance.”

Alexis Martin Neely on Maximizing Your Rates
Alexis covers how to set and maximize your freelance rates.

Dharmesh Shah on Mining New Leads
Dharmesh goes in-depth on: Once you know your target market, how do you find leads to pitch? Good sources of leads: blogs, forums, directories, asking people you know Any unique ways you know of getting in contact with hard-to-reach people.

Nick Holland on Closing Every Sale
Nick teaches you specific strategies to turn cold prospects into strong leads — overcoming classic objections — and earn your freelance dream income on the side.

Susan Su on Enchanting Your Client
Susan’s Master Class covers how to win over even the most reluctant customers and turn them into referral machines for your freelance business

Pamela Slim on Making the leap to full-time
Pam covers the psychological and emotional side of earning more, including dealing with (un) supportive friends and knowing when to make the leap to your own full-time business.

Hiten Shah on Valuing Customers
He’s going to cover advanced marketing techniques and how to value your customers to multiply your bottom line.

Dan Martell on Getting Famous in Your Field
It only took him just under 6 months to become well known in Silicon Valley and now he’s going to share his techniques to rapidly get known for your expertise, no matter how obscure your circumstances.

Pam Slim on Ethical Selling
Over the past year we learned that sales are something holding Earn1K students back. So for Earn1K 2.0, Pam’s going to share the step-by-step selling process that connects you with your market in a non-salesly, but highly effective way, to infuse revenue into your side business.

Laura Roeder on Creating Systems
Laura Roeder teaches small businesses how to establish their brand online. In just two years, she’s built a list of 10,000+ and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single month. She did this by becoming an expert at creating automated systems for her business.

Laura will show you how to use systems to explode your business and double your revenue. You will learn how to strategically execute systems in your business to automate, replicate, and multiply your earnings dramatically.

You’ll Also Get…
Exclusive Video With Pam Slim: “Creating Your Life Plan”
Coach and award-winning author of Escape from Cubicle Nation, Pam Slim walks you through how to achieve your dream lifestyle. She’s also one of my Earn1K students favorite master classes and the only guest I’ve invited back this year.

In this 60-minute video, you get:
How smart people are seizing the massive opportunity from the recent recession
The real truth about mentors — how to find the right mentor to leverage your career
The steps to turning every failure into massive success

“Finding Your First Profitable Idea” In-Depth Video Course
We know that finding your first profitable idea can be the toughest step of all. So to make it even easier, I’m including a special separate product I created that focuses specifically on finding a profitable idea.

Not 50 ideas.
Not 20 ideas.

1 profitable idea that will generate side income for you.

You’ll get:
Instant access to the 67-page Finding Your First Profitable Idea e-book
14 video whiteboard sessions (hours of video), including scripts, when to work for free, how to systematize your ideas, and more 13 bonus audio idea teardowns so you can see the mistakes and the successes of real Earn1K students.

Here’s what’s in it (There are numerous BONUS videos included in the modules that are not listed here):
Earn1K Bonus Webcast
Live Clinic – Time + Motivation
Pam Slim – Creating Your Life Plan

Case Study – Amanda Steinberg.mp3
Case Study – Jessica Mans – Transcript.pdf
Case Study – Jessica Mans.mp3
Case Study – Michelle Bordin.mp3

Writing Effective Surveys
How to Write a Mind-Blowingly Effective Survey.mp3
Survey Example – Apartment Research.jpeg
Survey Example – Earn1K.jpeg
Survey Example – Knitting.jpeg

Find Your First Profitable Idea\Idea Teardowns
01 – Choosing Between Two Ideas.mp3
02 – Paying for Value.mp3
03 – Niching Down Your Idea.mp3
04 – Reaching Out to Prospects.mp3
05 – Positioning Your Offering.mp3
06 – Choosing Your Customer.mp3
07 – Getting Some Direction.mp3
08 – Testing Your Idea.mp3
09 – Building an Existing Business.mp3
10 – Speaking Your Customers Language.mp3
11 – Selling the Results.mp3
12 – Picking Ideas.mp3
13 – Accelerating Progress.mp3

Find Your First Profitable Idea\Whiteboard Sessions\
01 – Introduction.mp4
02 – Why Finding a Profitable Idea is Difficult.mp4
03 – Why You Should Earn More.mp4
04 – How to Generate Ideas.mp4
05 – How to Validate Your Ideas.mp4
06 – The Ask Without Selling Technique.mp4
07 – Doing Research With Your Competitors.mp4
08 – Closing the Sale.mp4
09 – Speaking Your Customers Language.mp4
10 – 5 Common Fears About Earning More.mp4
11 – When You Should Work for Free.mp4
12 – Pricing.mp4
13 – Beginning Customer Research.mp4
14 – Changing Your Ideas.mp4

2.0 Master Classes
Week 1 – Pam Slim on Ethical Selling
Week 2 – Laura Roeder on Creating Systems
Week 3 – Hiten Shah on Valuing Customers
Week 4 – Dan Martell on Getting Famous in Your Field

Master Classes
Week 1 – Noah Kagan on Getting Famous
Week 2 – Tim Ferriss & Ramit Sethi on Time Management and Productivity
Week 3- Mike Williams on Customer Clairvoyance
Week 4 – Alexis Martin Neely on Setting and Maximizing Your Rates
Week 5 – Dharmesh Shah on Inbound Marketing
Week 6 – Nick Holland on Closing the Sale
Week 7 – Susan Su on Getting Clients to Love You
Week 8 – Pam Slim on Making the Leap to Full-Time

Module 1 – Lay the Groundwork
>>Lesson 1 – Set Your Goals
>>Lesson 2 – Pick Your Field
>>Lesson 3 – What Not to Do
>>Lesson 4 – Define Your Target Market
>>Module 2 – Craft Your Offer
>>Module 3 – Get Clients
>>Module 4 – Execute and Optimize

Module 2 – Craft Your Offer
>>Lesson 1 – Identify the Benefits Your Clients Want
>>Lesson 2 – Define Your Deliverables
>>Lesson 3 – Set Your Price
>>Lesson 4 – Start Generating Leads

Module 3 – Get Clients
>>Lesson 1 – Qualify Leads
>>Lesson 2 – Build Trust
>>Lesson 3 – Close the Sale
>>Lesson 4 – Get More Leads Using Classified Ads

Module 4 – Execute and Optimize
>>Lesson 1 – Do Awesome Work
>>Lesson 2 – Manage Problems
>>Lesson 3 – Optimize Your System
>>Lesson 4 – Make the Leap to Full-Time Freelancing

Modules\2.0 Modules\
2.0 Module 1 – Staying Motivated
2.0 Module 2 – Networking
2.0 Module 3 – Location Independence

The Vault (Transcripts included for each MP3)
01 – Gain Confidence in Your Freelancing.mp3
02 – Who is Your Customer.mp3
03 – How to Handle Having Too Much Work.mp3
04 – Is There Any Demand for Your Service.mp3
05 – Overcoming Fear to Land Your First 3 Clients.mp3
06 – How to Research Pricing.mp3
07 – Wow Your First Client.mp3
08 – I’m Too Tired After Work.mp3
09 – Managing Work Life and a Side Business.mp3
10 – Asking Without Selling.mp3
11 – Getting Inside Your Client’s Head.mp3
12 – Ramit on Goal Setting.mp3
13 – How to Talk to Your Target Market.mp3
14 – Deeply Understand What Your Client is Asking.mp3
15 – Ask the Right Questions.mp3

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